Tomoyo Fighter

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2008/07/28 01:55 JST in Games

I remember when *all* games used to be 2D side scrollers ^^;
Stumbled onto this at Fakku - Tomoyo runs around beating people up for some reason. Hatsune Miku also appears in it. The whole game available here.
I'm guessing this is a doujin game and wonder how many of you play them. Do you have any recommended ones?

And as for game type - I do get bored of the running-around-looking-for-exit/object 3D FPS type games which is why I appreciate the NDS so much for its 2D games.
Are you still be playing 2D games?

My fave clannad girl? Dont be asking difficult questions ^^;
Tomoyo Fighter in action below.