Tokyu Hands

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2007/12/01 06:00 JST in Japan
Tokyu Hands is a blessing from the good lord for residents of Tokyo and visitors alike.
As a visitor to Tokyo when I was still back in ol Blighty, every year I would make sure a trip to Tokyu Hands was on the schedule. You can buy just about everything under the (rising) sun here. Everything from Gundams to bags, to clocks, accessories - anything.
For folks living here, Tokyu Hands is also the place to go for DIY stuff. have a look at this previous article on how I got materials from Tokyu Hands to make shelves for my figures.
I remember there being a few decent DIY stores in the UK - although I've long forgotten the names.
These pics were taken on the 2nd floor at the Shibuya Flagship store - a ton of fasteners needed for my armor.
Flexible metal rods useful for...something.
Ball bearings useful for tripping people up.
Steel rods useful for picking your nose.
Was going to pick up some of these metal plates and use em as a background for figure shoots - the light would shine through or something.
Rubber and plastic blocks of all shapes n sizes - got some to dampen the rattle on my armor.
More rubber stuff.
Use these to hang my Strike from the ceiling.
Polystyrene blocks - more expensive than the real thing ^^;
You can also get wood, fabrics, electronic diodes etc etc. Do drop by if you have the time. Get off at Shibuya station, walk down Center Gai and ask directions from there.