Tokyo Trooper in London

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2012/03/10 14:55 JST in Tokyo Stormtrooper

Some photos taken last Saturday back in London - danced from Tower bridge > Tate Gallery > Westminster > Trafalgar Square > China Town > Hackney. Was a really nice day back at the river which was the first place that wifey and I had our first date. I love the Thames and would spend time night n day walking by the river when living back in London. Its really nice by night too but we didn't wait until then as energy levels had depleted down to 4%.

Was nice to see the millennium bridge in the flesh - lovely architecture. The only place we've seen it before was in the Uniqlo ad and the Harry Potter movie ^^;

Bumped into quite a few readers along the way but special thanks to d.ark who purposely went out hunting for me with her hubby ^^; She uploaded some pics to her Flickr of my visit to London.

Currently still in Paris with daily updates from our contact at ANA - daily updates being the same. Todays update was:-
Concerning ANA Flight schedule
Paris Airport is closed at least until 8:00 of 20APR. No flight will depart on 19APR. Next information will be sent at about 12:00 of 19APR.Having no idea when we can go home is the worst thing about our situation but trying to make the best of it. There is no coin laundry and the room has no fridge or kettle either which adds to the fun. We keep milk and ham outside our window at night - lucky its cold when the sun goes down ^^;
The best thing about this "adventure" is that I also have no idea when I can get a decent internet connection or not - they charge 17 euros per day and you are not guaranteed a connection. Didn't manage to get a Eurostar seat yet either.
Must not complain though as I know that there are folks in even worse shape having to live at the airport.