Tokyo Tower

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2006/12/28 16:26 JST in Japan

Spent 8 years in Tokyo and never been to Tokyo Tower at all as the touristy image just put me off from wanting to go.

After spending some time in Ginza, we decided to have a meal to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary back at the place we met - Benihana (we met at the Benihana back in Chelsea London).
Benihana in Tokyo is not the same as the Benihanas around the world. In Japan, there are no chefs throwing knifes and only one Benihana near Tokyo station does the Teppan Yaki. All the other Benihana restaurants in Tokyo have turned into a bog standard restaurant. I think this could because that a similar style of eating called Yakiniku can be eaten just about everywhere and for much cheaper.

Anyway, we decided to pop along to the tower to find that most of the people visiting were Japanese couples and not tourists.
You can pay to go up to the first platform at 145m and then pay some more to go up to the 250m platform. As you can see, the views are fantastic. The lighting is low enough to get good-ish shots but not low enough. I dont think tripods are allowed and thought I could get away with a high ISO setting but the photos came out a bit noisy.

I dont normally Photoshop my images and let one of my PHP scripts rotate, resize, watermark and upload everything for me. Thought I would open Photoshop to see how rusty my skills became and surely indeed I cant remember half of the functions - you can see some of my previous Photoshop attempts from many years ago in the artwork gallery. Left in the original pre-photoshop attempts for comparison.

Some of these images in the Wallpaper Pool