Tokyo Tour

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2008/11/05 12:15 JST in Tokyo Stormtrooper

Went with a bunch of Silicon Valley directors and CEO's out for a tour of Akihabara yesterday and took them along to a live house run by a few comrades at Dear Stage.

Was my first time there and watching the cutie girlies and the Otagei masters was a lot of fun indeed.

I think I've found somebody to cosplay as Mirai-chan.

Mirin-chan is so sweet - must be an angel.

As you probably already know, one of my missions is to continue to bring you life from Japan but I want to take it a step further than just photos and videos. I want to personally take you around to some spots that you may find interesting like this live house in Akiba and have been thinking of putting together some sort of package tour with the folks at HIS. I'm thinking that I would spend one or two days with you taking you around and for the rest of the days, my men at HIS would look after you.

The types of tour package I'm thinking of are:-
1. Photo Tours - photographic spots in Tokyo - architecture, culture and probably include some idol photo sessions too.

2. A Tokyo Night Sky tour - Tokyo Tower, Roppongi Hills, Sky diving (yes at night), helicopter tour of Tokyo by night etc.

3. Life Tour - what its like to live and work in Tokyo - looking for apartments, visiting company offices, shopping for groceries, visiting the tax office, where to go for all the bargain living necessities like furniture and electronics.

4. And then there would be an Otaku subculture tour - maybe visit my figure maker comrades, anime production studios, shopping in Akiba, visit a live house etc.

5. Your request here.
As part of the package, I would make sure to get 1x1 time with you to personally answer your questions about living in Japan and possibly put you in contact with comrades in areas that you are interested in working in. I mainly cover IT/Internet, anime, figure and game industry but know folks all over.

Not too sure if you would be interested in something like that? Would you prefer to come over on your own or take a tour package? The package would obviously include free time for you to explore on your own. What did you choose the last time you was in Tokyo?

If most of you think package tours are a bad idea then I'll think of another way to bring you more of Tokyo.

More pics of what went on last night soon.