Tokyo Today 4

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2012/05/24 10:07 JST in A Week in Tokyo

Attempting to try to bring you more life from Tokyo as it happens using Instagram. All these are posted live from my iPhone to my Facebook, Twitter and now Tumblr. This batch of photos actually taken over 2 days.

I *usually* try to post Instagram photos with English and Japanese text so will leave it as is - I dont always say the same thing in Japanese as it may not be relevant for my Japanese followers - but most of the time it is a direct translation of what I'm saying in English which may be useful for those studying Japanese.

Starting with this evenings office - this is what's behind me. 今晩のオフィス。僕の後ろ。

Very warm yesterday in Tokyo. Freezing today - gas heater turn on desu. 今日は寒いな。 ガス暖房つけよう。

Sending some stuff to Malaysia. What address shall I put? みらいちゃんグッズをマレーシア宛て。

This is why Japanese brollys are cooler. ビニール傘は好き!

Which lunch set will you choose? あなたはどんなランチセットォ?

Bubbles when you pour tea looks like somebody's spit. Can't unsee.

Today's lunch is chuuka. 今日のランチは中華。

Gorgeous girls on the streets of Tokyo. Mahjong Monogatari.

You can get you glasses cleaned for free in Japan. There is usually a small table outside an opticians where you can clean your glasses yourself if nobody is around.

I love traditional Japanese clothing. Do you own any Japanese garments?

More gorgeous girlies on the streets of Tokyo. 街で撮った可愛い女の子の写真。

If you can't read this then you need moekana. これ読めなければもえかなが必要だ。

A shop with a lot of character on the streets of Tokyo.

Retro coin laundry in Tokyo. I love the smell of launderettes - I remember spending a lot of time in one when I was younger washing my clothes. When I moved back to my mums place, we didn't have a working washing machine ;-;

Nice bike.

Another "if you can't read this then you need moekana." As for the kanji however - I have a product for that coming soon.

Fill in the gap - if you can't read this then you need -------

Tiny house is tiny.

Am working this year to grow the Mirai brand and her goodies.

Which of these figures tickle your fancy?

Wifeys cooking - Singapore Laksa for dindins ^o^ 妻が作ったシンガポールラクサをディナーで!

The Singaporean sitting next to me says "this is not spicy by Singaporean standards"

The Singaporean sitting next to me now says that I should not drink water when eating spicy foods because it makes it taste even more spicy ?

Joined by a cute girl for dinner. She's only wearing pantsu though. 可愛い女の子が一緒にディナー。しかし下半身にはパンツ?ズボン?

Been working with Iizuki Tasuku sensei lately - really nice person! 唯々月たすく先生はとっても優しい方です o(^▽^)o

Skype meeting in evening with the AFA Malaysia folks going over stage schedule and my booth setup.

Here are just some of the guests you can expect to meet at Anime Festival Asia Malaysia in 2 weeks time. What? 2 weeks time?!!!

Sony MDR-CD009ST and Blue Snowball. Mai daily tools.

This evenings office - what's in front of me. 今晩のオフィス。僕の前で見えるもの。

Sneek peek at my... これまだ見せていないんでしたっけ?

Today's wear. I love that T-shirt. Am working on securing a production line for the T-shirts. Gimme a wee bit more time! 今日着たもの。あのTシャツ好き。

What I wear to beddy byes. Nighty! 寝るときに着る服。おやすみ!

Following day - brekkie in Tokyo - cinnamon powder sprinkled over frosties. We dont have Cinnamon Toast over here so this is the next best thing. 朝食です!

Saying good morning to our car. 痛車に朝の挨拶。

Blue skies this morning in Tokyo. 清々しい朝だな。わはははははははっ。

Every time I hit send, 5 new mails appear. How many email do you get through each day? When I was at Amazon, it was usually about 100 - 120 mails sent each day.

About to start an apparel brand - for dolls?! ドール用の服ブランドもスタート?!

If you don’t know how to say “shop curtain” in Japanese then you need moekana.

Gorgeous day on the back streets of Tokyo.

Lunch with Azunyan. あずにゃんとランチ。

The Sony NEX-5N with the Zeiss lens. Sony NEX-5NにZeissレンズ。

Peaceful Japan! 平和な日本!

Forbidden dessert after lunch. ランチ後の禁物のデザート。

Parking here costs 200 yen for every 30 mins. How does that compare to your neck of the woods? 最も安いパーキングはどのぐらいだろう?

Abandoned bikes. 放棄自転車。

Mai new secretary drinking on the job. 娘が勤務中にビール?

Business card follow up. 名刺処理中。

There are a pair of eyes on my keyboard. キーボードの上にドールアイが。

Working on the official Facebook page for the anime “K”. アニメタイトル「K」の公式Facebookページ作業中。

Figma’s are so cool. フィグマって本当にクールだな。