Tokyo Today 2

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More life in Tokyo through photos. Photos taken throughout today on the Sony NEX-5N with Zeiss Sonnar f1.8 24mm lens. This snap taken at Gotanda during lunch. The Rollerblades have been an incredible time saving tool. Have only fallen over once in my life on blades but when I did there was blood everywhere! I'll dig up the photo I took after the fall ^^;
How many of you are into blading?

Zooming back in time to the morning. Every time I hit "send", I see a new mails appear in the inbox ><
How many mails do you need to deal with every day?

Heading to lunch in Gotanda.

At most roadworks, there would either be a human, a picture or video of a human or one of these waving a mini light saber to alert folks of the work ahead.

At the best burger place in Tokyo - Kua'aina. They take a while to prep the food as its prepped on the spot but is worth the wait.

The fries are absolutely gorgeous.

Most food places in Japan dont have salt n pepper on the table. I remember when I first came to Japan - when I asked for salt, they would bring out a small plate of it ^^;


Lunch done and time to head back to base the scenic route.

Doutor - a chain of coffee shops over here. Smokers can puff away in the same area where food is prepared - apparently illegal in the UK but not here.
I remembering ordering a sandwich at Doutor once - could only taste the smoke and not the beef. I love Japan but my only gripe is that smoking is still allowed in restaurants - and most places dont have a non-smoking area.

If I'm eating out, I'd try to peek in the windows like a suspicious person looking for smokers or packs of cigarettes on the table ^^; Most of my Japanese friends and clients smoke but it does my asthma in ToT

This Poll is now expired

Gotanda is a business district with a load of offices which is also why there are a ton of restaurants in the area to feed everybody.

Cigarettes in Japan are apparently the cheapest in the world.

The river that runs though Gotanda.

There is not a great deal to do in Gotanda but if you want to see a slice of life in Japan then get off at Gotanda station on the JR Yamanote line and go exploring.

Will let you know who this chap is in a later episode.

Meetings at Shiseido?! Mirai Makeup?!

Mr Postman.

Passing by the HQ of Disney Japan. I used to work here consulting when I left Microsoft many moons ago.

A very typical toy store would usually only stock stuff for the younger generation which is why you wouldn't really find figures.

In an event of a huge quake, this road is closed off. Not sure why this one in particular.

Rillakkuma sells donuts.

Love this shop - full of character and is all lit up at night.

A roadworker cleans up after himself. When I was back in the UK, roadworkers would leave their mess for others to clean up.

Back to base. Its so dark in the office that I call it the dungeon.

Sunlight hardly gets in down there but when it does it gives a nice n relaxing mood.

Tea time with Popura-chan.

Moekana is going to the printers this month and should be with distributors by March.


Chris is still alive and well in Saitama working hard on the PHP > Ruby on Rails migration of Mirai Gaia.

This is just a mockup printed in the office. There are many ways to play Moekana to help you learn Hiragana. Karuta, Shiritori, Concentration and Stack em Up. Will talk about them more later.

Yakisoba for dindins.

Papico for dessert.

More dessert ^^;

I cant type Korean without looking at the Hangul keys. I usually stick Hangul stickers on my Japanese keyboard but they fall off after a while ><
Need a touchscreen keyboard which I hope Apple bring out. I know there is an app that allows me to use my iPad as a keyboard but not sure if that supports multiple language input.

The figure shelves get a tweak. Can you spot whats new?

Figures and plants go well with each other.

Nanoha says hi.

Very cold in Tokyo of late meaning that the aircon is on all day heating up the room. Tis very dry so the air moisturizer helps a lot - 2 liters of water lasts a day.

Looks like I'll be travelling a lot to Asia this year. Confirmed are Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Hope to fit in the Philippines too.

FaceTime meeting with KenLee about the next mobile project that we are working on. He is the engineer for MiraiClock3.

Yui says hello.

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