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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2012/02/02 23:32 JST in A Week in Tokyo

I thought I couldn't get any busier during the last quarter of 2011 when I was in the middle of producing Culture Japan Season 2. Was hoping to make it to January alive where I could take a couple of days break.

Now that its January however, its been even busier! I've been approached to make 3 new TV shows (not including Culture Japan), a publishing company wants to run Mirai Millennium as a manga series, am currently working on the Moekana hiragana learning series, a new Culture Japan album with Vividblaze, a new book with Ascii Media Works, and I need to produce a live broadcast for Good Smile Company in within 9 days @.@

To top that off I'm also in the middle of organizing up n coning events in Taiwan and Malaysia, preparing data and subs for the Asia broadcast of Culture Japan, and looking for more hands on deck (full and part time) to help me.
I've also received the release date of this ^o^

Anyway, I've missed writing 3 installments of A Week in Tokyo but I will catch up. In the meantime however, I'm going to see how long I can keep going with a new series called Tokyo Today where at the end of the day I dump all photos that I've taken on my Sony NEX-5N - I say dump because I'm not going to get time to write in detail due to everything else thats going on but I want you to see what life is like in Tokyo right now.

At Togoshi Ginza for lunch. This poor dog has a headache, constipation and trouble sleeping.

The road in Togoshi Ginza used to be nice n flat but they've been really digging it up of late.

The banner at the top says "Togoshi Ginza croquette" - a delicacy for this neck of the woods.

The mascot for Togoshi Ginza.

Togoshi Ginza is a long shopping street and is featured on TV from time to time - filled with more of the daily necessities and restaurants.

To get to Togoshi Ginza, get off at Togoshi Ginza station on the Ikegami line.

At Coco Ichibanya - I've only seen this character at this branch - presuming the person running this branch is an otaku?

Came in for the Winter special soup curry but they are not doing it this year ToT

Today's lunch - salmon katsu with greeneries n corn n curry.

Coco's now had a shelf of manga for customers to read while they wait, eat or watch others eat.

This girl is so cute. Pi Pi Pi. I'll have her cameo in Mirai Millennium.

Its Setsubun tomorrow.

Equipment check for next weeks Good Smile Company live broadcast.

I'll talk about my new intern from Singapore soon ^o^

Taking intern for dindins at our local shopping arcade in Musashikoyama.

Playing with my new toy - Samsung Galaxy Note that I picked up from Taiwan. Please forgive me for ignoring you Android users - I've now seen the light ^^
The Android is so customizable that it makes the iPhone feel like a bricked phone.

Yakiniku for dindins.

Wifey and niece join us for noms.

5651 yen for dinner for 4 which includes beer for wifey and intern. How does the cost compare to a meal for 4 in your neck of the woods?

The furnace where they heat the coal for the yakiniku.

Back at the office. 10:30PM is now considered early evening ^^;

Looks like Saber wants some attention. I'm off to bed now before I collapse ^^;