Tokyo to Singapore

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I'm currently still in Singapore and will be here until the 21st - now that I've set up a company in Singapore, there is a lot to do to grow the business here. Anyway - stuff about the Singapore company comes in a different post. For the rest of this post however, we zoom back in time to last week just before I left Tokyo.

I love looking out the window on the plane and find it annoying when they ask you to close the shade in the middle of the day as they want you to sleep or something.

The evening before leaving Tokyo - it was our first time to have a booth to sell stuff which requires much more preparation - which also means much more stuff to carry to use at our booth.

Yuki-chan in Mami Mode.

My carry on all packed.

This time we had quite a bit to carry and my spinal hernia is kinda bad lately - we decide to take a Taxi to the airport - which end up costing 25000 yen ><
That was from Meguro to Narita.
Next time we will prepare a bit more better - we can hire an airport taxi which would have cost less than half or take a taxi to where we can get a limousine bus to Narita.

Passing by Tokyo Tower on the way to Narita.

Passing over Rainbow Bridge.

Arrival at Narita.

Heading to Singapore on ANA. I love their branding and the marketing collaborations that they participate in - for example the ANA Gundam.

We were originally going to take the train but the luggage ended up causing much pain for spinal hernia-kun hence the taxi. Arrived at the airport early so went up to the observation deck for a bit of a rest.

Walk past the smokers room and wonder what an "Adult Smoker" is - does that mean there are Juvenile Smokers too?

Our steed thats going to get us to Singapore.

Charging my Galaxy S3 in the lounge - battery life is not excellent.

Am always trying to clear a backlog of mails whenever I get the chance ><
How many emails do you get per day?

On the plane - ANA have upgraded their business class seats with a load of gadgets to play with - for starters they got USB ports to charge your devices.

Simplified buttons for reclining.

Displays are all 16:9 ratio - nice n bright screen.

Instruction manuals for the seats ^^;

Storage compartments and wot not.

Reminds me that I've not been back to the UK for ages - perhaps in 2013 for Hyper Japan?

"Welcome" and "Death" on the same card.

Malaysia Airlines! Will probably take MAS in a few weeks to Kuala Lumpur for Comic Fiesta.

Aircraft traffic jam.

"Ririku" ] = "Take Off!"

Narita Airport from above.

Not explored this part of the woods yet - looks really nice though.

Wish I could play my PS Vita for the whole flight but need to work ><

Speaking of Vita - Assassin's Creed III: Liberation any good?

Before tucking into work however - time to tuck into some lunch.

Was surprised when I first travelled business class to see that they give you table cloths and serve food on crockery.

Discovered Takachiho Gorge in the inflight magazine. Added to the to-visit list.

Work! Had no time to prep my presentation at all - managed to complete most of it in 5 hours on the flight (phew).

Can you name this spot on earth?

It really is lovely up there.

Looks awesome - I can only imagine what this would look like during a sunset.

A load of boats surround Singapore.

Hello Singapore!

Grabs baggage.

Thanks to everybody who came to the airport to welcome us!

Singapore has touch panel toilet rating systems. But as many men dont wash their hands after shaking their lil bro about, if you touch the screen then you are indirectly indulging in some yaoi.

Checking in at the hotel first - Capri by Fraser.

Snap with my Associate Producer Solomon.

Has to be the nicest hotel I've stayed in - its like a serviced apartment.

Wish we could have stayed longer ><

Yuki-chan gets limelight this time at AFA.

Then we head to check out the venue for Culture Japan Night Singapore 2012.

Spend an hour setting up and configuring video and audio equipment...

...and then head to get some dinner.

Does this sign mean that shoplifting is common in Singapore? Often seen at the entrance.

Nice shopping center.

Food court time!

Laksa om nom!

Food is absolutely lovely.

Moekana T-shirts available for humans too.
But what color do you prefer?

This Poll is now expired

Grabbing a few necessities from the convenience store before heading back to the hotel.

Time to set up battle stations.

A birthday gift from Solomon!

Touch sensor charging thingy for the Mighty Mouse.

Sample of the Moekana Hinomaru T-shirt is back - aiming to have this ready for Comic Fiesta in a few weeks - could not make it in time for Singapore AFA ><

Armed and fully operational battle station.

Brekkie the next morning at the hotel.

Going over the schedule with comrades at King Records.

Ever since I switched to Android, when I touch an iPhone I keep pressing this area here for the back button ><

Yuki-chan enjoys the nice view from the window.

Hungry! Time to seek food.

Discover a food court nearby.

This looks goood!

Yong Tau Foo!

The area around the AFA venue (EXPO) looks cool and futuristic.

Then its time to rehearse for the rest of the day and set up booth - I knew that AFA 2012 was going to be awesome - but I didn't know it was going to be the best ever...