Tokyo Storm Ninja

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2009/10/17 14:00 JST in Tokyo Stormtrooper
Been thinking about it for a while and it has been suggested quite a bit - that I need some original armor. I love being a Storm Trooper and will continue doing the dance videos but I need a bit more freedom - the armor belongs to Lucas and not me ^^;
I'm calling upon you designers to help me come up with a ninja type armor - something that blends Ryu Hayabusa, IronMan, Raiden and X-Men's Cyclops.
The reason why I mention Cyclops is because I have four eyes - the Cyclops-like visor would cover my glasses.
I do like the Raiden type visor too and maybe have a visor which comes down over the Cyclops visor or something.
I'm envisioning some sort of body suit with hard parts on the top combined with some straps and wot not.
I need some sort of pouches to carry stuff around too.
The Storm Trooper armor clutters a lot hen I walk and my movements are restricted mainly around the knees, crotch (cant lift legs up too high - cant ride a bicycle in armor (yes I tried ^^;)), elbows and neck.
I currently have limited visibility too - cant see anything below.
Folks who are interested in submitting ideas can do so by uploading to - try logging in with your DC account and if that does not work then just create a new account. Or you can post em in the Facebook community.
The suit not only has to look good but be practical too in terms of movement, storage and the ability to store stuff like my iPhone, wallet, camera, drink and a figure ^^;
Dont need to have any guns or swords sraped to the suit - maybe some Storm Ninja Shuryukens or something ^^;
I may mix n match some of your designs for the final suit. While there is no monetary compensation for your designs, you will get to profile your work to a wide audience and perhaps work directly with folks in the anime, manga and figure business. I will work with a production company in Tokyo to produce the suit which will most likely appear in a broad variety of media.
Really look forward to seeing your designs!
Photo by Zuco.