Tokyo Skytree Guide

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Tokyo Skytree is a 634m high broadcasting/restaurant/observation tower that opened back in May 2012 - it was constructed to replace the Tokyo Tower that lacked the height needed to cover the digital terrestrial television broadcast and is currently world's tallest broadcasting tower.
Today we take a lookie around and inside the Tokyo Skytree to give you an idea of what one can expect to see in the area. The guide starts off at Tokyo Skytree Station on the Tokyo Skytree line and moves on to Solamachi, Tokyo Skytree ticket area, Tembo observation Deck and then the Tembo observation Galleria.
Before you continue reading, if you prefer to watch rather than read then you can watch the episode of Japan Mode where I send Aya-chan to report back on the goodies they have in the area.
How many of you have been to tokyo Skytree?
To get to Tokyo Skytree, take the Tobu Skytree line and get off at either Tokyo Skytree Station (Skytree West Yard) or Oshiage station (Skytree East Yard). Or if you feel like exploring the area, get off at Asakusa station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza line and head towards Tokyo Skytree. Address as follows:
〒131−0045 東京都墨田区押上一丁目1番13号
(Tōkyōtosumidaku Oshiage ichi-chōme 1-ban 13-gō)
This is Tokyo Skytree West exit - once you're out of the station you can immediately start exploring the Tokyo Solamachi shopping mall.
And if you have an appointment with Good Smile Company then you will find them in Solamachi on the upper floors - this is what it looks like in their offices.
Heading towards Tokyo Skytree passing by a load of restaurants.
Go on a weekday to avoid the crowds.
The facility surrounding Skytree is huge but if you ever get lost, just look up and keep walking towards the giant illuminating tower.
When you are ready to take a trip up the tower, you can either get a Reserved Ticket or a numbered ticket to line up for the Day Ticket. The price of the ticket (adults) to go up to the Tokyo Skytree Tembo observation Deck (350th floor) is 2000 yen (2500 yen for fixed dates) and you'll need to pay another 1000 yen to go up to Skytree Tembo observation Galleria (450th floor).
Tembo observation Galleria is open from 8:00~22:00 and the detailed explanation for each floor can be found here.
For folks who reserved the fixed date tickets enter from here.
Numbered ticket counter for those who need the Day Tickets.
It may take a while to get inside but the Tokyo Solamachi shopping area has a load of food/fashion/toy stores for you to explore - approximately 312 stores in total.
Now that we got our ticket, we go exploring around Solamachi before its time to go up the Skytree.
Chopstick store Ginza Natsuno .
Masuya - store dedicated to various flavors of Japanese salt.
Salt for rice, salad and more - eat it like furikake.
Loads of Skytree related souvenirs and goodies - but Skytree candles? Isnt that bad feng shui? ^^;
The Medicom Toy Store.
How many of you are collecting BE@RBRICK?
Doraemon and Kamen Rider figurines. Was Doraemon only shown around Asia and not the West?
Official Giants Store - for fans of the professional Japanese baseball team "Yomiuri Giants".
Like Japanese snacks? Visit Dagashi Yumeya which is filled to the brim with cheap and traditional Japanese noms.
Japanese plastic foods - at Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya you can actually buy these at a decent price.
Drug Store Matsumoto Kiyoshi.
Jewelry store Anahita.
Marion Crepes packs a wide variety of crepe noms - some are good for din dins too.
Inside the Skytree and heading towards the ticket counter. Here are objects depicting the Skytree in various styles.
At the ticket counter. The elevator travels 600m/min and can get up to the Tembo observation Deck in less than 50 seconds - take a handkerchief to wipe up if your ears pop.
Once you're at the Tembo Deck,you can start exploring the area and take photos with yer zoom/wide angle lens. You can get great views of Tokyo on a clear night.
And here is the view from Tokyo Skytree.
This video panel shows you how the scenery changes over the day.
A byoubu showing how Tokyo looked like in the Edo period.
From here you can then head up to the Tembo Galleria for an additional 1000 yen - no need to get back down to the ticket counter on the first floor - I think observation towers all share the same business model ^^;
You get nicer views of the city - but obstructed by a load of window frames ;-;
To get half decent views you need to zoom in to remove the window frames so if you do have a zoom lens handy then bring it along.
If you are wearing a skirt then folks at the bottom also with zoom lenses will be able to see your bits n pieces.
Although if you are a trap then it is likely that they will be the one who is surprised.
The Sorakara Point (451.2m) marks the highest part of the tower that visitors can go.
The elevator is also decorated with these lightings. There are couple of other elevators like this with a different decorations.
Folks who wish to play football should follow this sign.
And that's about it!
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