Tokyo Roller Blades

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2009/08/08 17:22 JST in Gadgets
During my last trip to the UK, I brought my roller blades back with me. Had these for probably about 15 years. Convenient to get around when going to a quick bite to eat.
Customized the back by sticking some of those piston thingies that you find attached to the boot of a car. Also added some piping that you can find in a place that does fish aquarium stuff.
To finish off, I added "engage" and "caution" stickers too ^^;
Saw many folks on roller blades in Paris when I was there on a business trip a few years ago. Would like a decent looking pair where the wheels can come off.
Not got round to doing Roller Blade Trooper yet ^^;