Tokyo Robot Restaurant

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2012/07/19 16:15 JST in Places to visit in Japan

Fed up of boring humans serving you food? If the answer is "you bet" then there is a new place in Tokyo that you may be interested in - the Robot Restaurant.

It costs 3000 yen per person to get in and this is the type of food that you will be served. Once at the Robot Restaurant however, humans may still serve you the food but they are certainly not boring. You also get to mingle with the "robots" which you can see in these photos and video below.

Apparently the restaurant took 1.27 billion USD to produce.

These photos taken from the official website - as you can see - there is a lot more than robots to be experienced. But this can all be explained - its right in the middle of Kabukicho Shinjuku.

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