Tokyo Production Crew

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2010/01/10 23:12 JST in Tokyo Stormtrooper

Just wanted to let you know that I will be in Shibuya tomorrow afternoon (Monday 2010/01/11). Got photo session with BMW Magazine at about 11:45 in Hachiko crossing and then heading over to the CC Lemon Hall for filming with NHK. NHK is Japans national TV channel.

Tomorrow is a public holiday - Seijin no Hi or The Coming of Age Day. NHK will be filming me and comrades for the event at CC Lemon hall - last years shenanigan photos in the Seijin Shiki article.
Feel free to drop by to say hi and be on TV at the same time if you feel like it ^^;

As for these photos - taken last June when the BBC came over to film me for their Fast Track program about Tokyo.
Just before the BBC slot, Jonny Li, Ken Lee and I went to film the first installment of Salary Man Trooper.
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...
The Death Star blew up and Stormtroopers were scattered all over the universe.
One of the Stormtroopers landed in Tokyo and later became "Tokyo Stormtrooper."
But before that he had to look for a new job and started to sweep the streets of Tokyo.

Been doing a load of cleaning not just around the house but of the Macs too. Photos have been the most unorganized.
Got a folder called "Latest Photos" and inside I dump everything I took during the month in sub folders 2009.10, 2009.11, 2009.12 and so on.

Then I have "series" photos where I take a few hundred for a particular event or outing. These series folders get misplaced from time to time like these BBC photos - just found them and thought I'd upload seeing as I needed a photo to go with the filming announcement for tomorrow.

The folders you see here in the "blog me soon" folder are of sorted series that I need to get round to writing one day - soon ^^;

When I've finished with the photos for a post, I copy them to my Raid Link Station NAS. I would advise to keep photos organized and keep multiple backups - not just on your local machine. I'm sure most of you know but hard disks have a lifespan and wont last forever - just like our lives!
Go get an external drive or something to back up your photos as they usually contain a capture of time and space which cannot be recreated unless you have a Tardis.
You may alternatively want to use online services like MediaFire to keep online backups.

How do you manage your photos and what is your backup strategy?

Leaving the rest of the photos to do the talking as I prepare some stuff for the film crew tomorrow.
Will try to do the next A Week in Tokyo tomorrow night.