Tokyo Photo Walk 2014/09

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2014/09/09 22:49 JST in Tokyo Photo Walk
Forgive me folks for the radio silence! After Anime Expo I came back to Japan to prepare for Anime Festival Asia Indonesia and during that period I had to look for bigger offices and then move in.
After coming back from Indonesia we had to work on and ship the current outstanding orders of Smart Doll.
Moving office was a huge life project that took up a load of time - it was not possible to focus on the move, the business and update the site at the same time. I did manage to post regular quick updates to my social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram though.
I wanted to post a quick update before I start to catch up on writing with a photo of our office just after 6PM. All staff have knocked off and I'm about to head home too.
I love our new office. We got 200 square meters and so much more space than before - it was a challenge building the company and working out of my house for so many years but I learned a lot about how to just work with what's available.
Its so easy to make the excuse "but I don't have blah so I can't do blah" - we need to learn to appreciate and work with what we have right now by moving forward instead of stopping in one's tracks and complaining about what we dont have.
I'm preparing a long post about the office move and we can look in the nooks and crannies later but for now I'll turn the rest of the lights off and switch on the security systems before heading back home.
The rest of the photos are taken on my commute back home. I either walk or skateboard to work. It takes about 25 mins to walk - may seem like a long time but it passes extremely quick and is really the only time I get to think about stuff as there is no distraction of email or skype ><
All photos taken on the Sony RX-100 M3 - a superb compact camera which I've owned 4 of so far. The first one dropped and exploded, the second dropped - didn't explode but the sensor got poo on it and the third was stolen - this is the fourth one ^^
I set most of these to ISO 600-ish - no tripod. When taking photos at night I do try to take 3 shots incase one is blurry. If I'm unlucky then all will be blurry ^o^
All these photos are HD sized at 1920 x 1080 so they should make decent wallpaper for some of you.
Anyway, I'll leave you here while I go and prep more posts.