Tokyo Photo Walk 1

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2008/07/08 15:00 JST in Tokyo Photo Walk

Starting a new series called "Tokyo Photo Walk" where I bring you pics from various walks around Tokyo on taken through the digital SLR.

When I first got my EOS Kiss Digital N, I used to carry it around everywhere.
After a while however, it became a pain to carry around all the lenses, dust blowers and wot not which is why I stopped bringing it around - especially on overseas trips.

Been much inspired by Hector to pick the hobby back up and have been learning a lot about photography lately.

These pics where taken in the Nishikoyama area.

Used a tripod this time (this one) to enable me to get these shots.
Camera was set to TV and most of these shots had a 15 second exposure. ISO was set to about 200 with auto white balance.

I still need to do more homework before I can set the camera to be completely manual.

Was thinking of buying a new SLR but decided to invest the money in a new lens instead - probably this one.

A new SLR would get me live preview, bigger/brighter LCD, self cleaning and ability to take 2 zillion frames per second and at a higher resolution - all features which are definitely nice to have but would rather spend the 100000 yen on a new lens.

I do hear that digital SLR's have a life span of X number of shutter counts - is that true? @.@

At the moment I have a EF-S10-22mm F3.5-4.5 USM super wide angle lens which cost 67877 yen and a EF-S60mm F2.8 macro USM lens which cost 42463 yen.

This means that I have both extremes but nothing in between ^^;

Reader conershots (I think he's still a reader ^^;) does some fantastic night photography which you may want to check out too.

Do you dabble in SLR shenanigans? If so, What camera/lens combination would you recommend to your fellow comrade who is thinking of taking up photography. I know that the first timer can be daunted by the amount of different lenses and camera brands.

Through these Tokyo photo walks, I want to bring you more of an idea of what life is like in Tokyo in addition to the Week in Tokyo series and will be taking pics of (in particular) bits of town that you would be walking around if you lived here - and not just the touristy places.

Not sure if these would make good wallpapers but stuck a few in the wallpaper pool anyway - will remove them after a while.

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