Tokyo Olympics 2020

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2013/09/08 09:18 JST in Japan
UPDATE! We done it! The 2020 Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo!

Show your support for Japan!

On September 7th 2013, the next Host City of the 2020 Olympic Games will be chosen from either Istanbul (Turkey), Tokyo (Japan) or Madrid (Spain).
As a foreigner from the UK living in Japan for 14 years, I think that Tokyo should be chosen as the host city which is why I created a petition to raise awareness of Japan's effort.
Below are just some of the reasons why I think that Tokyo should be chosen.

Rich in tradition while being advanced in technology

Through the centuries, Japan has managed to preserve its rich culture which is visible though the traditional events held through the year (such as matsuri) and the customs which are strongly rooted in society such as Seijin-shiki.
At the same time, Japan is advanced in technology enough to bring us mobile suits like the one in Odaiba.

Enchanting country and culture

As mentioned above, Japan has managed to maintain traditional culture even through modern times which can be experienced by visiting the varied amount of places of interest in Japan. Here is just a small example of what awaits you.

Japanese culture is a uniting culture

There is no other culture that unites people from all over the world and this is proven by the amount of Japan related (Anime, fashion, food, manga, cosplay etc) events that are held worldwide. Examples are Anime Festival Asia and Anime Expo.
Holding the 2020 olympics in Tokyo will further unite people together from around the world and thats what the olympics should be about.
This photo taken at Musashikoyama with comrades from all over the world who all love Japanese culture.


Trains, busses run frequently and on time - you can set your watch by the train arrival times! When you are over for the olympic games - you can rest assured that the transportation system will ensure that you wont waste time waiting around so that you can spend every moment absorbing the culture.
Tokyo is also filled with facilities for the disabled too.

Non tipping country

Japan is a non tipping culture which means you can spend less on tips and more on shopping at places like Akihabara ^o^


Tokyo is ranked as the safest city in the world. If you are going to travel anywhere for the olympics then it may as well be the safest place on earth!
As for this photo, while in some countries folks leave a pack of tissue paper to reserve their seat in a restaurant, in Japan people leave their entire bag filled with their belongings! This is absolutely normal over here though as nobody is going to take it.


Tokyo is filled with not only Japanese food but also a huge variety of international cuisine too. Take a look at this photo post to see an example of what nomnoms await you.

More Japan

I know there are many folks around the world who love Japan - if you are one of them then show your support by signing this petition - it does not cost anything to help. With the 2020 Olympics being held in Japan, you will be able to see more coverage of the land that you love on TV too!

Why am I doing this?

Japan changed my life and I explain exactly how in the How Discovering Japan Changed My Life post. I believe that the discovery of Japan can change the life of many others too due to its rich culture that unites us for the reasons that I described above.
While I dont expect the petition to gain zillions of signatures, I hope that through this petition, we can raise awareness of Japan's bid for the 2020 Olympics - besides, the official website is in serious lack of Moe-some ^^;
But I'm not going to pull wool over your eyes - Japan does have its issues in society just like any other country in the world. But when a man sticking ice-cream in a postbox makes prime time news, you know that Japan is a place where one can focus on going about their daily lives without having to look behind them at night all the time.
This cause is supported by the Tokyo 2020 Candidate City Petition Mascots which are all available as high res illustrations in wallpapers for you to enjoy - all of these free HD wallpapers are illustrated by Ikkyuu-sensei below!
The image above can be found here.
Our mascot character Mirai Suenaga participating in the Javelin event.
High-res wallpaper here.
High-res wallpaper here.
Our mascot character Haruka Suenaga participating in the Figure Skating event.
High-res wallpaper here.
High-res wallpaper here.
Our mascot character Kanata Hoshikawa participating in the Archery event
High-res wallpaper here.
High-res wallpaper here.
Our mascot character Eiji Seiun participating in the Shot put event
High-res wallpaper here.
High-res wallpaper here.
Our mascot character Kizuna Yumeno participating in the Fencing event
High-res wallpaper here.
High-res wallpaper here.
High-res wallpaper here.
If you too think that the 2020 olympics should be held in Tokyo then list your reasons below. On the other hand, if you think it would be a bad idea then feel free to list your concerns too!