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Apart from my 30 min TV show Culture Japan, I'm on another weekly TV show in Japan called "Check Time" . This time its one of those morning news shows - I have a weekly Culture Japan corner where I choose a topic in the Japanese Pop Culture field thats popular with foreigners.

This time round however, I'm only directing the show and am leaving the production entirely to one of my comrades at Tokyo MX TV - this helps me free up my schedule to do other stuff but means that the final editing style is not necessarily to my tastes ^^;

I've committed to do the corner for the next 3 months but Tokyo MX want me to do it for a year! @.@ As with Culture Japan, I'll be involving those of you who fancy being on Japanese TV - something for you to stick down on your resume or profile. Folks who are in Tokyo who end up on the show will also get to network with folks in the industry - I however only show you the door - its up to you to walk through it.

Anyway, the first episode was broadcast a few weeks ago and was a Nendoroid Ranking based on AmiAmi sales. Here I'm at the AmiAmi offices with Yumi-chan who you have already seen in Episode 12 when we toured Asakusa together.

Check Time is on every Tuesday morning on Tokyo MX TV and my corner is usually on around 7:30 AM. Tokyo MX also upload my slot to YouTube too - check out the first broadcast below!

Zooming back in time to the morning - arrival at the AmiAmi offices.

Yumi-chan as cute as ever!

The schedule for the day. Morning filming at AmiAmi. Afternoon filming at Akihabara finishing off with studio filming at my office.

Preparing one of AmiAmi's meeting rooms for filming.

Wiring up with the mic. TV production equipment can cost a bomb - an example is these mic pins which cost 13388 yen (165 USD).

Setting up the camera shutter speed and wot not.

We are also filming for a figma ranking too - Mami ranking in tops.

figma Mirai Suenaga which was released Summer 2011.

Photos taken by comrades Pablo and Maurice who joined in for the filming shenanigans.

AmiAmi sold a *ton* of Moekana!

A Canon EOS 5D that fell from the ceiling.

All filming done in the morning - off with the lads for some grub nearby.

Lunch at a Vietnamese place - tasted lovely!

How many of you who attended AFA recognize this chap?

In a few weeks this road will be lined with Sakura.

A naked woman in public - this is OK for kids to see then?

This lens weighs 50 tonnes.

Arriving at Akihabara for the next shoot.

Thanks to all the comrades who showed up at Akihabara for the shoot! More photos in a separate post!

Back in the office for more filming. Trying to film 3 episodes today.

Kinda tired by now ^^;

Sometimes you need images from your computer to use on TV but the resolution is not high enough - in this case take a photo of your computer screen. For TV production, images should ideally be HD (1920 x 1080).

Tonights dindins is Katsu bento from Saboten.

Incase you missed it - this post documents the move to the new office.

All filming done - powering down for the night.

And here are screencaps of the first episode. This is the main presenter Hatta-san.

Same studio where we filmed Culture Japan Season 1.

Folks who have watched Culture Japan Season 1 and 2 will notice that the editing style is much different from how I would do it ^^

The first few seconds of each episode talk about what I do.

We usually shoot in the evening but its a morning show which is why the producer decided to turn up the exposure to give a "morning" feel - not something I would personally do.

Time for this weeks ranking.

In 5th place is Aisaka Taiga.

4th place is Konjiki no Yami.

3rd place is Kashiwazaki Sena.

2nd place is Erio.

And first place is Miku!

A chat with Yumi about Nendoroids. user Mim from Sydney gets his wall O Nendoroids on the show. Thanks for sending the photos over Mim!

We hit the streets of Harajuku to ask whether folks prefer scale figures or Nendoroids.

Back in the studio section talking about the different types of figures.

Next up is episode 2 - Retro Games!