Tokyo Midtown

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2007/08/07 19:04 JST in Japan

Just like Roppongi Hills, Tokyo Midtown is another "city within a city" which opened earlier this year.

The small city contains office space, restaurants, food stalls and a ton O brand names.

The architecture is modern and fresh. Everybody seems to be well dressed but stink of perfume.

The first floor of the city contains lots of brand name foods.

Cant quite remember but I think the first 4 floors are full of shops and restaurants.

More brand name foods.

A posh Seven Eleven for the office workers upstairs.

The food court is full of luxurious foods.

I can see how an Otaku would get bored here pretty fast what with no figures, Gundams or anime.

If you have time to kill, Midtown is probably a nice place to have a cuppa starbucks and read a good book while sitting on many of the benches dotted around the complex.

The place is full of brand named stuff. I only remember seeing Joseph. I'm not a brand name person myself but a lot of Japanese seem to be brand name slaves.

The typical interior of a Zakka shop. Zakka (雑貨(ざっか)) refers to the odds n ends that are needed (and sometimes not needed) around the house - cutllery, ornaments, furniture etc.

When one person lines up - other people want to join the line. Its in peoples DNA over here.

Tired Salary woman?

The back of the complex.

Was surprised to see Muji when I visited the UK (or was it uniqlo?)

There is a nice open garden at the back of the complex. Lovely for an afternoon cuppa tea.

The main tower full of offices and hotel space.

Tokyo Midtown is a 15 min walk or a 5 min drive from Roppongi Hills.
Watched Transformers at Hills before spending the afternoon at Midtown.
We absolutely loved Transformers. I want more! If you want more too then get yourself along to the Blur Studio site - some footage that you may not have seen before. Was thinking about getting the game but saw many crap reviews.