Tokyo Jobs - Ruby on Rails Developer

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2012/02/01 21:24 JST in Mascot

Now that I've got the PHP developers that I need, I'm now looking for Ruby on Rails developers who I can work with to increase our client base of otaku related companies. So far we've got: (King Records) (Konami) (Sega) (Ascii Media Works) (Kadokawa)

And I think we got a few more but I forget ^^;

If you have a high level of Ruby and can work well with Chris (he makes the hiring decision) for an initial trial period of 3 months, I'll bring you to Japan and sponsor your visa. I'll pay for your ticket and hand you a months wages up front but you need to look for housing on your own - but that should be no problem as you can speak Japanese.

Unfortunately you need a university degree (any) as that's what the government requires to issue a work visa for Japan. I need somebody of the following description.

  • Has an online profile which proves that the candidate understands the importance of sharing.
  • Is a user of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and understands the API's needed to work with data from social media sites.
  • Has high level of ruby on rails, html, css, javascript, coffeescript, jquery, rspec, postgresql, github.
  • Has examples of previous Ruby on Rails projects online in their github.
  • Has a web camera and can communicate online through videochat on Skype.
  • Can communicate on a fair level of Japanese (read/speak).
  • Otaku preferred (but not a must) as I want somebody who can work on the contents that they love - anime, games, figures and manga.
  • "High level of Ruby on Rails" means just that - you are able to build any application given a functional spec.

If you fit this description then email me at jobs at mirai dot fm. I'll leave the format of the email to you but you already understand what I'm looking for so you should be able to provide me with the info that I need. I do need to see samples of code in your github however.

Folks who cant speak Japanese but think they are a dab hand at Ruby on Rails should still contact me for remote work. I'll pay you during our trial period and we can decide after if we should pursue a long term working relationship. Salary is based on level of skills. I say "our" trial period because its not just me deciding whether I want to work with you - you are also deciding whether you want to work with me ^^

Please share this with folks around you. If you introduce somebody to me who ends up as a full time employee then I'll pay you 1300 USD via paypal as your referrer fee. This position is for immediate hire but I can wait for folks who need to tie up ends in their current country of residence.

As for the Moekana illustration - its "Ru" for "ルビー" - pronounced "ru-bi-" meaning "Ruby". Mirai-chan has found her ruby and now I'm looking for mine.

BTW - just like I learned all my programing skills from Google Sensei (and Japanese through self study) - Chris learned all his skills including Ruby from Google Sensei too. Its never too late to start learning. Don't learn stuff because you *have* to at school or work - learn stuff because you *want* to and do so *in your own time*.