Tokyo Game Show 2007

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2007/09/21 16:01 JST in Misc
Should be able to get the rest of the TGS 2007 coverage out today starting with the "misc" stuff.
This is the booty that I came back with - mostly booklets of new game releases.
Even though we have the press pass, once we were in, each booth then asked us to register again which was a pain in the bottom. Microsoft was the worst with the "no photos" - its like they want the press to look at the games but not to talk about it. Huh?
Managed to get a Rio mouse pad ^o^
Koei had an impressive stand - the ceiling was a huge monitor-like thingy which would give you cramp in yer neck if you looked at it for too long.
The new Musou game for the PS3/360 looked rather good although the bad guys looked kind of stiff. I guess the bad guys are going to be killed anyway so the mentality could be not to spend to much time on developing them.
Plenty of booth girls handing out stuff. The halls were really dark so the pictures of them came out crap.
Managed to get a couple though.
Will school girls with swords be the next in-thing? Dont really know if it took off with Blood Plus.
Time flies - just realized that Blood Plus is a two year old show.
The girl on the left was sweet. The guy on the right is not supposed to be there.
At the Sengoku Basara2 stand.
Some of the booths were set up in a way to keep you there for as long as possible - I guess the more people huddled around the booth - the more attention they get?
For example, they make you line up and once you are in the stand they give you a long explanation of the game controls before you get to play - taking a good 20 - 30 min of your precious time.
For folks with a tentacle fetish.
There was a huuuuge never ending queue of folks lining up to download free games to their NDS.
But once you get to the end of the queue, they make you sit down and lecture you on something.
Play Wii Golf aided by a golf girl.
Have no idea what these are but looked interesting.
G-Spirits at the Bandai Namco stand.
The stand last year looked better though.
Will let you know who the girl in the red is when I find out.
If you are really into games then you may want to spend two days at the event as there is a lot to play with + the waiting times.
Also grab a free bag as soon as you can to put in all the booty that you pick up.
Games on phones these days seem to be getting better as the technology advances.
But I don't like having subscribe to each game I play - rather pay a flat fee. Some games charge you 350 yen per month. You cant just download it and then end the subscription because every time you start the game, it checks to see if your subscription is valid over the network.
Gundam slot machine.
PS2 Votoms game.
Guaranteed that any otaku event you go to will have maids waiting for you.
Not as crowded as last year. My guess is that the pre PS3 timing gathered much attention last year - no real big releases this time round.
Takara Tomy stand with not much to see.
If you want a laugh then look out for the red lines on the floor - there will occasionally be people waving you to either side of the lines.
If only they allowed skates in the hall which would make it easier to get around.
Sega has stacks of stuff to give out which they just leave on the floor instead of getting booth ladies to hand them out.
Sega always seem to be showing some type of Virtua Fighter game.
Take something to fidget with when lining up as it can get boring - an NDS, PSP or some bukkake manga.
Rio game for AU.
Ninja Gaiden for the NDS looked surprisingly good - 3D action.
Love the "Photography Forbidden" sign.
More of the hall. This time 3 halls are used. Take a comfy pair of shoes.
1PM outside - still people lining up to get in - all press, business and guests.
Need to fill up as the noise and walking around drains your energy.
Many eroge are making it to the PS2 - "consumer" versions without the ero scenes. Akane Iro is one of the games.
Today is the last press/business day and is open to the public tomorrow and Sunday.
Pachi-slot Gundam game coming soon to the Wii.
More coverage later today including the PS3/360 and MGS stuff.
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