Tokyo Figure Show Report

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2009/08/05 17:09 JST in Figures

The Tokyo Figure Show (Good Smile Company x Danny Choo) has kicked off to a great start! The event started yesterday and runs through to 6PM this Sunday in Harajuku.

My lovely Mirai-chan. I'll probably get a few free and buy a ton from Amazon or something ^^;

The original illustrator for Mirai-chan is Azami Yuko who also came along yesterday. We are both still in a state of disbelief that our creation got the figamatization treatment.

Sensei has been busy with work and has not had time to update her burogu but she occasionally uploads to her Pixiv account.

The original April Fools version had the same pose which I'm starting to call the "Mirai Pose" ^^;
Was playing with my Figma Seto Sun who looks the closest to Mirai in terms of hair and clothes - giving her the Mirai Pose ^^;

Hmmm. Maybe the April Fools red version can be a limited run or something ^^; Dont think anybody would want it.

I thought this was going to be the Decoration Master but it is not. The pre-production version will be redone and tweaked.

Mmmmm. Mirai has nicely shaped eyes.

Will have to make her ahoge out of soft material so that it doesn't break off in our pockets ^^;

I accidentally tripped and saw Mirai-chans pantsu. If you want to see what color then you will have to go and have a look.
Maybe we should do orange shimapan for the final version ^^;

A ton of coverage out now which I'm updating the official site with. if I've missed you then lemme know.

Thanks again to Chun for whipping together the pop art that is displayed behind Mirai-chan.
The original is up on Flickr - 150dpi and good for a high quality print up to A1.

When you get to H&M, go up to the 9th floor. This is the reception you will be greeted by. Morrigan greets you with her huge huge eyes.

The Good Smile Company catch phrase for the events they host - "Wonderful Hobby Life For You." Oda-san in the background tweaking the display. Oda-san is the guy who painted Mirai-chan for us.

Figma Miku keeps Figma Mirai company.

The absolutely gorgeous Max Factory Tamaki Kousaka. Has to be the best figure I've seen of her to date. Gorgeous eyes (both pairs).

Black Rock Shooter out this month.

World Is Mine Miku.

Out any day now - GSC Saber.

Saber Lily Nendoroid.

GSC Canaan.

Folks who attend the TFS will get free bottles of Vitamin Water. I've been drinking a lot lately ^^;

SOS Dan.

Lucky Star.
The reason why we have displayed previous releases is because we want folks who are new to the figure world to discover the beautiful and fun world of figurines. Most of the stuff that they see can easily be purchased.

Here we tried to match the colors of the figures with Vitamin Water.

I love these figure displays! We rented these as they would cost a bomb to buy.

The read heads go here.

The figure rack thingy can be screwed together in anyway you want.

The Saber platform.

I turn up in armor from time to time. Have met a load of DC headers so far - thank you all for coming!

Cant stop looking at and taking photos of Mirai-chan!

Depending on the time of day, it may be empty or packed but you will usually have enough space to take photos. Some of the decoration masters will change from time to time.

Feel free to take the postcards that you will find dotted around the displays.

A most excellent location for our first event - the 8th and 9th floor of this building ^^;
We went up to the roof too which looks like a film set - incredible 360 views of Tokyo - will post in a separate article.

Thought we'd take a look at the making-of. This was taken the night before. The shelves still being set up with boxes all over the place.

This is how GSC generally keep their stock of figures for events.

Maru Gallery prepared this pop for me but its a wee bit embarrassing ^^;

Which is why I put this together the night before instead - a collection of photos that represent

I uploaded the original to Flickr which is 150dpi and can be printed on anything up to A1 - feel free to print and throw darts at it.

Hmmmm. Wondering what it would look like on a t-shirt? (without my name on the bottom)

This box contains the decoration master for Black Rock Shooter.

The night before the show was the first time I saw the Mirai Figma - on Oda-sans mobile.

For some reason, GSC has a load of good looking sculptors. Oda-san and Kodama-san on the right. Kodama-san is actually Nendoron - he does most of your Nendoroids.

Shooting forward to the morning before the show. More decoration masters have arrived.

The postcards that we are giving out.

When I discovered that the postcards had a protective purple film between them, my expression turned to that of Zetsubou Sensei pictured here.

And this was the first time I saw Figma Mirai in the flesh.

This could not possibly happened without you - thank you all!
And yes - I thank the trolls too who keep trashing me on their blogs and other boards because whether they like it or not - they are actually helping in promoting my brand which contributes to milestones in life like this. Muhahaha.

It was you the reader who helped me learn that trollage and bad publicity is still free publicity.
If you are the subject of trollage, just remember - the trolls can only do bad for themselves and do good for you. Just think about it - a troll cant be doing too well in life to have the time to trash others. Unless they have not realized that life is short and time is too precious to spend hating others.

With the GSC team - Otsukaresama desu!

Just realized that I forgot to include some pics of me prepping stuff - quickly added to

Get off at Meiji Jingu Mae or JR Harajuku on the Yamanote line and ask for directions from anybody. "Sumimasen, H&M wa doko desu ka?"

Sometimes you may see this white shiny thing appear from time to time at the entrance.

And this is our gorgeous view - Shinjuku in the background. Thank you Tokyo for being just awesome. I love this job.