Tokyo Evacuation?

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2011/03/18 19:28 JST in Japan

Media around the world continues to go on about how everybody is leaving Tokyo and that its a ghost town. These photos were taken a few hours a go in one of the busiest shopping/restaurant districts in Tokyo called Shibuya.

While there are folks leaving Tokyo, most of them seem to be foreigners - but that's only a small percentage compared to the amount of gaijin who decided to stay. As for me - I'm staying put as this is and always will be home for me.

On the way to Shibuya.

Pollen levels are extremely high today which is the main reason why a load of folks were out n about wearing surgical masks. Me currently suffering bad from hay fever too ToT. The main reasons why folks wear masks are:-

  • They are sick and don't want their evil germs to infect others.
  • They have hay fever and don't want the evil pollen to affect them.
  • They are not sick but don't want to catch any evil germs from others.
  • They have a tooth missing and want to cover it up.
  • Their breath smells like a fart and want to diffuse the smell.
  • They have no mouth and don't want people to know that they are from Mars.
  • They have three tongues.
  • They carry a nendoroid in their mouth and don't want people to know.

Shibuya station south exit.

As you can see from these photos - people are not panicking or trying to flee Tokyo.

The 3 large screens were turned off to conserve electricity.

Shibuya 109.

At Center Gai.

Lunch time noms at my fave restaurant - Negishi. The G's Festival comes with a dakimakura cover of Mayuzumi Yukie.

Whenever in Japan, look for Negishi. The food here tastes so good that its probably the only thing I eat when in Shibuya ^^;

Lunch time in Shibuya. Things are back to normal.

With Steve Nagata playing around with the AR Drone.

Shibuya crossing busy as always.

Apart from the Apple Store, pretty much all teh shops were open for business.

Quite liked the Expendables.

A bunch of lovely ladies at Starbucks enjoying each others company.

While Tokyo didn't suffer anywhere near the damage up North, I can tell you that all folks in Japan were deeply distressed and hurt by the natural disaster. The quake affected pretty much the whole of the East of Japan in some way or another. A week later, folks in Tokyo are doing their best to contribute to the restoration of Japan by getting on with things as usual.

Playing around with Steve's Nintendo 3DS - wasn't too impressed the first time I saw it but now that I've played around with it for a bit, it does look rather cool. The 3D engine looks great too. But! It does seem to put a strain on the eyes. How many of you own one?

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Shibuya many moons ago which you can read about in the History of Shibuya.

Many folks collecting donations for folks up North. Many fraudsters are out n about making use of this situation which has recently become a problem. If you are donating money, please try to confirm the authenticity of the group you are donating to.

The Hachiko waiting area.

The Moai statue at the South exit of Shibuya station.

JR are looking for part timers to work for them. Pay starts at 1100 yen an hour.

Many places are in the conserve-electricity mode while they work on restoring full capacity to Tokyo. If you are traveling to Tokyo and the address has "Tokyo" on it then you need not worry about rolling blackouts which have not taken place in inner Tokyo.

Yamanote lines running as usual with the usual passengers.

Musashikoyama station with a few ticket barriers closed to conserve energy.

Schools are open as usual too.

I didn't have bad hayfever until I moved to Japan. There is a type of tree called "Sugi" which does not exist in the UK - does wonders in making me cry and sneeze all day ToT

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