Tokyo City View

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2009/01/15 08:22 JST in Places to visit in Japan

At the very top of the Roppongi Hills tower, you will discover an incredible view of Tokyo from the Sky Deck. No camera can do the view justice and just has to be seen with the nekkid eye.

Got invite tickets for the Sky Desk which normally costs 1500 yen per person. The Sky Deck is open until 22:30 where chucking out time is 23:00.

Was our first time to visit the Sky Deck. The views from Tokyo Tower were great but Sky Deck was amazing. You get to view the metropolis in the open air too - Tokyo tower is through glass.

The Sky Deck is situated at the top of the Roppongi Hills building 238 meters above ground level and you have a 360 view of the city. More details at their HP.

All photos taken with the Canon Kiss 2.

Uploaded some of these originals to the wallpaper pool - which brings me to yet another related question ^^;

When I upload landscape or photo walk photos, I usually upload some to the Wallpaper Pool and mention so in the article. Usually also mention what camera I used.
But then I always notice a few comments asking "Can we have some of these as a wallpaper" or "what camera did you use?"

Have seen comments from a few folks mentioning that they cant be bothered to read the text and just look at the photos. Have also had feedback that some of the articles have too many photos. What do you generally end up doing and what are your preferences?

We stayed until chucking out time like the rest of these folks.

Last photo is sad "tilt shift" attempt.
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