Tokyo Broadcasting System

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TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) is a radio and TV broadcasting company located in Akasaka Sacas.
They first started out broadcasting radio in 1951 followed by analog TV in 1954. They are located on channel 6 on the remote and broadcast a load of coolsome stuff including K-ON!

Ascii Media Works is a publishing company that belongs to Kadokawa. They own many computing titles such as Weekly Ascii and the Dengeki division too - Toradora, Shana and so on.

I was recently contacted by the Chief Executive Editor Fukuoka-san who asked me to be on a radio show that he runs at the HQ of TBS for TBS Radio. Done a load of TV before and was my first time for radio - t'was an interesting experience ^o^

Arrival at Akasaka. Me used to work in this area when I was managing the Windows Live Services at Microsoft. A ton of offices in this area also meant a ton of restaurants.

At the lounge of TBS - they were being rather strict about filming and as soon as we went in we were surrounded by guards calling for backup on their walkie talkie thingies ^^;

When first meeting folks in Japan, its always important to do the business card thing and if you are not sure how its done then check out the Meishi post. if you are visiting Japan then do try to make some name cards for yourself. Name cards are an essential tool for career advancement in life.

Turning off phones before the show starts. The lady on my left is announcer Airi yamada who also does a load of TV.

And we are live. Spoke about a load of stuff including, my work history and current projects I'm working on including the Twitter image service

Interview done and its time for some photos for the Ascii site and magazine.

Fukuoka-san and I start to talk about some possible business collaborations ^^;
We met up again this week and will be announcing what we will be working on soon ^o^

Took off the chest armor as it was squeaking too much ^^;

Giggling about something or other.

The trusty bucket. Got a few cracks in it. Needs some sort of visor system which flips down to let air in when it gets steamed up.

A few snaps of the studio before we leave.

Slides, knobs and wot not.

More slides, knobs, tapes and wot not.

These studios are used for radio broadcasts. It is forbidden for employees of other departments to use these studios. We will file a severe complaint against the department of the offender.

Some more TBS properties including Kochikame. Love that show.

The TBS 1 day pass.

Taking a break before continuing filming.

At this time of year TBS have a skating rink out in the front. You need to sign a waiver saying that TBS is not responsible if you slip and break your face. Do they make you sign something similar for skating in your neck of the woods? I do remember signing one when I went sky diving in Seattle though. It was interesting because before we signed the paper, they showed us videos of past sky diving accidents with people being carried off on stretchers.

Rink is small though and you could probably do a full circle in just under 10 seconds.

Absolutely a load of food in the Akasaka area.

Zooming back to mid day where a Brazillian TV crew came to film me for a show called Fantastico. Have no idea if it went out though ^^;

The lady at the back to the right is from NHK and has been filming me for a couple of weeks now. Today she was filming me being filmed by the Brazilian crew filming me being interviewed by TBS ^^;

Headed off to TBS after filming at the office. After TBS, continued filming and then grabbed a quick bite to eat before heading to the launch party of Tokyo.JapanTimes who are currently running a bento giveaway with J-List.

I've got a back log of posts that I need to get out so will leave you to follow the crew and my clone...