Tokyo Arrival 8

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Just got back from spending a most bodacious 2 weeks in Singapore. 1st week was AFA and CJ Night, 2nd week was filled with a load of meetings and a talk at Jurong Regional Library. Have been to Singapore so many times now that it feels like another home so didn't really bother with the touristy stuff.
2 weeks passed by way to quick however and didn't manage to fit all meetings in the schedule ><

One important thing that came about this visit was the decision to create another pillar and go into the apparel business ^^

First photo taken after landing back in Tokyo at Narita Airport. The following photos cover my last day in Singapore and my first day in Tokyo.

Zooming back in time to the previous morning - having some Laksa for brekkie. The Laksa Auntie called me "Leang Dzai" (Good looking boy) - but then I noticed she called all her customers "Leang Dzai."

After going through mail in the morning, we head to Bukit Batok to our temporary offices for meetings...

...but before that its time for more Laksa ^^;

This fried chicken is so nomalicious! Its deep fried in prawn paste.

Fried Kuay Teow.

Fish Head Curry.

Gorgeous view from our temporary offices! Can see Malaysia over to the right of the photo where the mountains are.

Guess what shenanigans are going on in this photo.

Test playing Moekanji - the main game is very TCG-ish - 1 pack of Moekanji and 1 pack of Moekana is required to play. Is designed in a way so that even if you dont know the kanji, as long as you can read hiragana then you can play.
Aiming for a Feb/March 2013 launch. How many of you have a pack of Moekana?

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We are up on the top floor. Heading down, I learn that some elevators have secret codes which have been implemented for folks like the fire brigade.
If for example the button for floor 5 has been pressed but you want to skip it - press it 3 times to void it -the elevator will then skip that floor.

This code is also useful for when annoying kids press a load of floor buttons just before they get off the elevator giggling leaving you to stop at each floor.

I just noticed that this elevator has floor "4" - in Japan (and in some Chinese speaking countries (and Korea too for that matter)), the "On" reading of "4" is "Shi" which is also the pronunciation of the word "Death" which is why many buildings dont have a 4th floor.

All meetings done and we head out to explore a slice of Singaporean life.

There is something about the term "Flashing Green Man"

Singapore's construction mascot is not as cute as Nanami-chan.

Lots of great groceries that I'd love to take back to Japan with me ToT

Food court!

Singapore seems to have a load of these dont-do signs.


When lightning strikes, make sure you bend over backwards so that you capture the bolt in your Arc Reactor.

More powerful than an Arc Reactor.
Am glad that wifey chose not to eat some on the plane this time round ^^;

I love food courts! I personally find that food is generally better and cheaper too than any surrounding restaurants.

Won Ton Noodles Om Nom.
When overseas I need to carry 2 phones - one roaming with my Japanese number so my clients can reach me and one local. In this case the old iPhone 3GS. Wish they made phones which can take 2 sims. I hear that many phones in China have 2 SIM slots.

Dinner partners were trolling me saying that these were friend intestines - in the end I didn't find out what they really were ^^;

In bliss with some soy bean milk! Even though Japan is a soy bean eating country, soy bean milk is not that popular.

Does your KFC come served with lice?

1/3 scale doll sized kitchen utensils!

Mmmmm. Banana cake.

Pandan cakes and more!

Head to a local mall at Bukit Batok.

How many of you watch Chinese drama?

Mr Brown was telling us how Singaporeans generally like to complain.

Back near the hotel for dinner meetings with comrades at SOZO who make AFA happen.

Nice bridge.

Nice river view. By the way - all photos in this post taken on my new compact Sony RX-100 - incredible quality for a compact and you will notice the awesome bokeh on these photos too. I got a review coming up soon.

Back at the hotel. Mail is never ending!

Packing some of the goodies I received from comrades.

Awesome work by Daniwae.

Lovely art by Mizunashi.

Cant remember who gave these to me - lemme know if it was you!

Thanks Ilurisa!

Who would like to drink some Mirai?

The AFA MMK girls! All so cute >< Who is your fave?

After a couple of hours sleep its off to Changi airport.

Smooth check in at the ANA counter.

I love my Mirai carry-on ^^; Artwork is by Iizuki Tasuku-sensei.

Chicken rice at the airport costs a few times more than the city.

Picking up some Bak Kwa (barbequed dried meat).

Have no idea but looked interesting.

Thanks for everything Singapore and see you again soon!

With a view like this, you can actually see more than just clouds and the sea. You can see into future too.

In business class, they usually serve food like a full course meal meaning that one item comes one after the other which takes forever meaning that you have less time to work or sleep. You can however request for everything to be brought out to you in one go.


Welcomed back to Japan with a lovely sunset.

ANA is Japan's other main airline. I hear that many folks have not even heard of it?

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Returning the pocket WiFi that I was using in Singapore to Mobile Center - you can also pick up mobile WiFi's for use in Japan too.

If travelling from Narita we usually take the Skyliner.

The worst place to sit inside the Skyliner is infront of the wall - no leg space ><

Changing trains on Nippori station. Christmas decorations are all over the place by now.

On the Yamanote line heading to Gotanda.

Gotanda arrival.

Then from here its a short taxi trip back to base.

Back in the office! We drop off luggage and head out for some nomnoms.

First meal back in Tokyo is Tsukemen.

Our local Palm shotengai - we come here pretty much daily for food n groceries.

Checking out what music and movies are popular of late.

Load of Christmas decorations can be picked up at Daiso for cheap.

While I switched to Galaxy S3, I'm still on Softbank and went into their shop to see if I was entitled to a free iPhone 5 - indeed I was but it looks like they want to charge me 1000 yen extra per month for the LTE service. Seeing as I wont be using the iPhone 5 as my main phone, I passed out on their "offer."

Rollerblades are a great time saver when out n about Tokyo.

Back home to see that Yuki has helped herself out of the luggage.

Some groceries to keep us going until the next day.

Travel cases with all the gadgets ready for Comic Fiesta in Malaysia next month.


My Singaporean SIM roams onto softbank. As long as I make a call once in a while I can keep using this number.

Took the PS Vita with me but didn't get time to play it at all ><

A prezzie bag for Yuki-chan from Solomon.

The Tokyo Arrival series covers my trips from various countries back to Tokyo - more listed up below.