Tokyo Arrival 5

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Just got back to Tokyo. Had not been felling too well since I arrived in Singapore but couldn't afford to get sick so I held it off until I got back to Japan - then came down with a fever as soon as I got back ^^; Still recovering but should be fully charged by tomorrow.
This photo taken at our local shopping arcade Palm in Musashikoyama.

Zooming back in time to the morning when we were still in Singapore. Brekkie at Toast Box with some Teh (tea) and toast with butter and kaya.

Some locals enjoying brekkie.

Green Earthworm tea - yummy!

Meeting up with Pinakes - the guy I worked with on the Mirai Millennium OP.

Beefun for lunch near China Town.

In the middle of being allured by Android.

Out n about in China Square.

...I try to drink as much Teh as possible as we dont freely have it in Japan. Especially love drinking it in a shop with marble tables like this one.

Some french toast and kaya on the side as we talk about setting up a business in Singapore.

Off to the SOZO offices for a wee bit.

SOZO are the folks who organize Anime Festival Asia. They hire very cute interns.

Folks at SOZO also wear AFA-kun masks during work.

Singapore's OK.

Spending some time at East Coast Beach while going over next years plans for Asia.

This is Derek who knows just about everybody in the anime business - but he cant tell me what he really does for the government or he will have to kill me.

Now its time for evening nom noms.

I think this is now one of my fave dishes ever - Rojak. Its kinda difficult to explain the taste ^^;

Popiah has always been a fave dish of mine too. Its got veggies and nuts inside. And when I say nuts I dont mean dolphin.

I'm not a fan of oysters though ^^;

Tastes great but looks like fried alien intestines.

The lady who runs the AKB48 Cafe.

The local AKB girls also join us for dindins.

After dindins its off to Changi airport. Picking up some food and wot not.

Was treated like a person who was going to do evil by security when they discovered my Dollfie handcuffs which they called "thumb cuffs." They took the "thumb cuffs" and stuck it in an envelope and told me I should pick them up when I arrived in Japan.

As its a night flight, dinner is not served but instead they give you this bag with some water and potato chips.

But they do serve brekkie which was at about 4AM Singapore time.

Not sure what type of plane it was but it seemed new. The monitors in the back of the seats were touch panel. The most interesting thing however was that none of the seats reclined - instead, the seats slide forward to give the illusion that the seat is reclining ^^;

Landed at Haneda Airport which is located in Tokyo unlike Narita. This map lets folks know the traffic situation on the highways.

Haneda only recently opened its international wing and is slowly but surely starting to cover routes to many parts of the world.

There are many ways to get to and from Haneda including the monorail, Keikyu line, bus or taxi.

We live quite close to the airport so usually take a taxi.

Even though the time difference between Tokyo and Singapore is an hour, we both felt jetlagged as we didn't get any sleep ToT

Back at home sweet home.

The other girls have been on good behavior since we were away.

Watering the plants.

In the meantime Yuki climbs out of the luggage for a stretch and breath of fresh air.


Heading out in the evening to grab some grub and a few groceries.

Wifey picks up her iPhone 4S. She just continues to pay what she's paying now with no extra fee ontop. I still got 9 months before I finish paying off my iPhone 4 so will stick to it for now. The 4S has a lovely camera though.

Time for dindins at the local sushi place. This is Tamago Yaki - fried egg.

Dobin Mushi is soup with veggies and prawn.

Our usual platter of sushi.

Off to grab a few groceries. Christmas decorations are already up.

The milk n yogurt corner at Tokyu Store.

"Shishoku" is where they let you try some of the food before buying. Crayon Shin-chan and mother occasionally went to supermarkets to fill their tummies on Shishoku alone ^^;

Yaki-imo is baked sweet potato. When you ask for one however, the guy will always try to give you a small one - just point at a bigger one before handing over your money - 300 yen per piece.

Apple Cinnamon Crepe for dessert.

Only picked up a few bits n pieces from Tokyu Store before we go back to do the hefty shopping tomorrow.

This is what always happens after a long business trip - the office becomes a war zone.

Unpacking stuff from AFA.

Can you guess what this becomes when assembled?

Cant confirm if shes wearing pantsu or not.

This Poll is now expired

Need to tidy up as soon as possible so I can get back down to work.

The MacBook Air needs an L connector for the Thunderbolt.

Soon on the to-visit list is Taiwan, Shanghai, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore again.

I just cant wait for AFA2012!

For folks wondering about the Asian broadcast for Culture Japan Season 2 - me aiming for Jan 2012. America will start in Jan too.

Hehe - folks who came to the Anohana talk show will know why I'm giggling here ^^;

Doujin goodies from CDS and Peach.

Met a load of industry folks at AFA who I'll be working with soon.

The Mirai-chan x afa T-shirt. Did you get one?

Will be getting back to replying to mails and wot not soon and should be able to find just a wee bit more time in between Culture Japan production for a more regular schedule of posts - starting with the AFA coverage.

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