Tokyo Arrival 3

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2011/05/25 23:57 JST in Japan

Just got back from spending a most awesome few days in Shanghai. The last time I was there was in 2008 - so much has changed in these few years not only in my life but in China too. Some of my clients had been sharing with me sales stats of how China is the second largest consumer of Japanese Pop Culture after Japan - then I was able to see it in China with my own four eyes.

The rest of the world is (for the most part) presented with the negative aspects of China but only those who live in or visit China can see how well the market is doing - *especially* when it comes to what the Chinese call "ACG" (Anime Comic Game) which they use to describe Japanese Pop Culture.

Looking forward to spending more time on the mainland spreading Japanese culture to a wider audience.

Back in the morning of departure from Shanghai. At wifey's parents place getting Saber changed into her flight gear.

Saber all ready to do a Mami Tomoe...

Outside wifey's parents place ready to head out.

This is where we come to grab food every morning.

Passing by Nextage where the Shanghai Meetup was.

Heading to the airport. Gorgeous weather.

Waiting for a MacBook Air with Thunderbolt and a Retina display?

Saying farewell to comrades. The T-shirt is of Mirai in her Solar Marine uniform geared up in a Retrograde Suit which you may have seen in the Mirai Millennium Design post.
The T-shirt is available from J-List for 19.95 USD where 25% is being donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society. I'm not accepting any royalties from sales and the remainder just enables J-List to cover production costs.

The text on the T-Shirt is "Ganbare Nippon!!" which in this case means "Keep fighting, Japan!!" or "Don't give up, Japan!!"
There is also a sleeveless version for the ladies or Hideyoshi's out there.

The print on the silk screen T-shirt is not full color however and Mirai's face does look a wee bit white-ish so avoid if that would not be your cuppa tea.

Outside Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

Not a lot in the airport to keep you occupied if you are waiting for a flight though.

See you soon Shanghai!

About to om nom.

Japan in sight - Moriya below which has some nice beaches.

Flying over Chiba.

Alien spacecraft spotted on the ocean.

A lot of the land around the Tokyo Bay/Chiba area is artificial land. One thing hardly reported on overseas media is the damage in these areas after the Tohoku Kanto Earthquake where much of the land started to liquify.

Today we land in Haneda International Airport.

ANA - All Nippon Airways. Fab service.

Haneda International is still pretty new. Got a post about Haneda which I'm in the middle of writing up.

The Arashi boys welcome us back home. Looks like they overdone the photoshop a bit.

This time we parked the car at the airport. Had quite a bit of luggage so t'was a lifesaver.

5 days for 7500 yen which was reasonable.

Disabled facilities in Japan are top notch and you can read more about them in this earlier post.

Our trusty Mirai Mobile charging up her turbine cells.

A load of Sega buildings near the airport.

Haneda is located in Tokyo and we are home within 30 mins of leaving the airport.

The girls sitting down as always before I leave in the event of an earthquake.

While I was away a load of stuff fell from that hole in the ceiling again ^^;

Your fancy is being tickled by what? I'll try to get the most voted for as a giveaway this week - only choose boxed items. Saber is not boxed.

Figma Mirai has more accessories to play with and Nendoroid Mirai will have lots of fun too.

Before I left, removed some of the figures which looked likely to fall in the event of a quake just like last time.

Some of the figures removed from the shelves. That Nadeko would have most certainly broke ^^;

Time to unpack hand luggage. Why is that MacBook Pro so heavy? Its like they put in metal weights or something ^^;

Chairman Mao goodies. Most of my meetings in Tokyo just require me with an iPad and camera so these are perfect. Will give them a test run before making Mirai ones.

Saber's luggage.

Pouch for electronics.

This is what I meant about Saber doing a Mami Tomoe ^^;
This new bag is about 55cm tall which means that a Dollfie wont fit in with the head attached. The legs need to be slightly bent at the knees too.

The ShowsDoll doll stand is a lifesaver - nice n light.

Saber changes into something more comfy. Much more comfy.

Some of the electronics I carry. Would love to have one charger to charge all.

Met a load of folks in Shanghai. got a lot of following up to do.

And then this morning a load more goodies fall from the ceiling again ^^;

Mirai enjoyed her trip to the mainland too.

Messy office but need to deal with mails first.

Out n about this afternoon in Nishikoyama nabbing some milk.
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