Tianna & Smart Doll

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Tianna & Smart Doll

I love my job and how creative it lets me be, also the supportive people that I get to surround myself with. Im a mold maker, body shopper, costumer, foam fabricator, and painter where I work right now. But sometimes i get to relax and go do one thing at different shops! haha! I have been wanting to make something special for my Ebony in the near future. (costume and wig). But I saw Julia… man, is she pretty! I can’t wait to bring one of her home!
I chose Smart Doll because of all the adventures I saw Danny having with Mirai. I thought that was such a cool thing! But I was a little hesitant on what I would do with mine when she got here. As soon as Ebony came out, I had to get one. She was so pretty and I wanted to have my own adventures with her. When she showed up, she was a perfect size! Posing was a dream, and she was durable enough to take with me places!! Of course I brought her to work. I work in a very creative environment. (Special Effects/ Props/ Makeup/ Creature Suits) Now she’s a pretty permanent icon on my work desk. Everyone comes to say how pretty she is, and always asks me about her. I love having her be a part of my adventures, and work adventures!
Smart Doll is my first 1/3 scale fashion doll. My Grandmother collected dolls from around the world. I believe it rubbed off on me as well. When I first saw Smart Doll at Anime Expo a few years back, I had to have one. A doll that was compact, cute, and functional! Had to have her!

About Tianna

It all started when my Dad asked me, "If you could do ANYTHING for 8-12-20-35 hours, what would you do?" after pondering the question I said "Makeup and Effects." I never really thought I would have ever had the opportunities I've had. I feel so lucky to be a part of this industry, and know all of the amazing talented people that I now know.

I went to Empire Academy of Makeup, owned by the wonderful Donna MEE. I learned a lot about myself in her school, and about what kind of artist I wanted to be. Right after I graduated from Empire, I went on to get my Degree at Santa Monica College. After a few years I met Steve Wang, and got my first REAL job opportunity. It's been a wonderful adventure!!

I now work for Alliance Studio, Jim Henson's Creature Shop, and Quantum Creation FX

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