The Early Years 1

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2008/05/29 05:59 JST in Japanese Pop Culture

Yes - this is what my room used to look like in 1988. Used to be totally in lurve with Kylie Minogue - my photos with Kylie live here ^^;

One of my fave Kylie tracks "Better The Devil You Know" below. Wow, bringing back a load of memories as I dig through YouTube. "Got To Be Certain below." Shes so small n sweet. All music I had was still on vinyl at the time.

The ceiling and even the curtains were made out of Kylie ^^; Another few fave Kylie tracks - "Wouldn't Change A Thing" "Hand On YOur Heart" "Made In Heaven" - check that heir style.

Notice the PlayBoy cover on the wall - being a young lad with no internets was tough - all health care material was paper based...

I think this was in 1990. Notice how the Japanese influence is starting to take over. Original Macross VHS on screen. The first version I watched was dubbed in Cantonese.

The Japanese influence started from games - specifically the Sega Mega Drive.

Also notice the Little Mermaid on the TV. Ariel is such a sweetie - my first figure.

I think this was in 1990. After the Mega Drive and incredibly crappy Mega CD Rom, I got a Super Famicom. Started to fall in love with 2D girls too. Used to get PC Engine magazine for the 2D girls - didn't have a PC Engine at the time though.

You will also notice pics of Claudia Schiffer too - will post the pics I have taken with Kylie and Claudia soon.

Tis 1992 and even more in love with Japan. Get hold of a PC Engine that you see below the TV on the left. Have no idea why I've got two TVs but remember it being useful for watching anime and playing games at the same time.

The transition from Kylie to Japanese Anime and Game Otaku is complete and by 1993 I finally make my first trip to Japan after saving up every year for a plane ticket. For those who are interested, I talk about what I was doing at this moment in life in my Learning Japanese article which explains how I went from wanting-to-live-in-Japan to actually living here.

The next love in my live was Nishida Hikaru - you may remember me chasing after her in roller blades from reading this article.
Im sure that it happens to most of us but how many of you are/were in lurve with celebrities or 2D girls/boys? Any ones in particular?

Got rid of the horrible wallpaper in 1994 and painted everything white. Kept up posters of Hikaru and other 2D girls.

I had to trek to a Japanese book store to get hold or Japanese TV recordings. I'm telling ya - learning Japanese and being an otaku without the internets was tough!

The brunette 2D girl is from Dangaioh - forgot her name but you can see how nice she is from the following vid.

This is the sort of pencil art I used to draw - pic of me and Hikaru in Akihabara - used to have these on the wall. So ronery...

Me and Hikaru by the beach (continues laughing).