Thailand Game Show & CJ Night Bangkok Details

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2013/01/09 10:46 JST in Japanese Pop Culture

It starts this Friday - the Thailand Game Show 2013! Last year they had about 100,000 attendees over the 3 day period where they had a load of cosplay and of course a ton of gaming shenanigans - I'll be there on stage every day - my schedule as follows.

11 January
13:00-13:40 Seminar zone (2nd floor)
15:30-16:00 Main stage

12 January
14:30-15:00 Main stage

13 January
12:00-12:30 Main stage

Tis my first time in Bangkok - an amazing city! Reminds me of when I visited Japan for the first time - feels just like Blade Runner all over again. They got this sky train which connects various stations in the city - never seen train tracks that high up! More photos soon.

This is what TGS was like last year - photo from comrades at Akibatan.

And here are the goodies that we have on sale at TGS! The pricing structure is inline with the T-shirts that we sold at AFA Singapore and CF Malaysia. If you are attending TGS alone, make friends in the queue to get discounts. If you cant afford the T-shirts then download the Photoshop files and print your own - for your own personal use please!

We are also looking to improve processes and look for cheaper places to make our T-shirts without sacrificing quality - as a result we will lower our unit cost enabling us to give those savings back to our customers.

We got Mirai Carry Cases and posters too! But we sold out of the Moecalendar and obviously all the CF ones are gone too ^^;
Again, if all this is expensive to you then download the Photoshop files and print your own posters - for your own personal use ne ^^

This is where we are located - by the exit!

And this is our booth - its 1 meter smaller than our booths at AFA and CF so no Itasha. The area circled in red is for your dolls - pls bring your dolls to display! We will have people keeping an eye on them.
The black arrow is a large snake on the ground - dont step on it or it will swallow you and digest you over 1000 years.

And we will have Culture Japan Night in Bangkok too! Many of Thailand's doll owners will be there and hope to see you there too - Reina and Yuki-chan will be waiting for you. Of course you need not own a doll to attend.
CJ Night Bangkok is being held together with the folks at Akibatan - head to their site for details of the venue - it will be Saturday night after TGS at Ariston Hotel.

If you see a message or anybody tells you that there is no more space then ignore it - just come along as its important that we meet!

I'll also be looking out for somebody in Thailand to be an Associate Producer for Culture Japan - needs a high command of English and Thai and just be able to get things done.