TGS2007 : PS3 VS 360

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2007/09/22 15:30 JST in Misc
Now we take a look at the Sony and Microsoft stuff.
Just like last year, MS didn't want folks taking photos of the screens or the booth ladies - I really don't know why they bothered showing up on press day.
But I was there to bring you coverage so ignore the rules I do. Ace Combat looked rather good.
DMC4 looked just as good on the 360 as it does on the PS3 - cant really tell the difference.
This was laughable - they tried to impress the press by making us take off our shoes to sit in this "Japanese" style room. Made us wait for 5 mins before telling us "no photos or video" before showing some footage of Ninja Gaiden 2 for the 360. I couldn't be bothered with them and walked out.
I should have taken a snap of all the "photography forbidden" signs to create a gallery full of them.
Halo seemed to be popular - but only among the 7 people playing the demo.
Notice the "guards" on either side of this booth just waiting to say "no photos." Its the first thing they are prepared to utter so even if you ask where the toilet is they will first say "no photos."
More Ace Combat.
No matter how hard MS tries, the 360 is still a machine that nobody in Japan seems to want. Sales of the 360 over here are appalling. Blue Dragon was supposed to be the title that boosted sales into the heavens...
The Sony booth had quite a few games to play with. Dont get too deep into the game because the booth lady will chuck you off after 10 mins.
Devil May Cry 4 which was on show last year too. Capcom jumped ship and DMC4 will be released on the 360 too. I guess this cant be helped as Sony done a bad job by setting the PS3 at an extortionate price - meaning that not a lot of people have one which also means that DMC4 on the PS3 alone wont pay for Capcom's rent.
Time crisis looked good although the characters seemed stiff - the bad guys. The "bad-guys-are-going-to-get killed-anyway-so-dont-spend-time-rendering-them-properly" syndrome - there must be a special term for this. Maybe we can think of one ^^;
The MGS4 booklet was being handed out at this spot.
Gran Turismo. I personally prefer the backdrops in Ridge Racer. Gran Turismo backgrounds seems boring in comparison.
The Eye of Judgment was an interesting concept - a camera captures cards on a board and is shown on the screen. Never got onto card games. Ero card games may be more interesting - don't think they exist though (or do they?)
I think they only had photos of Heavenly Sword game at the last TGS. The camera action and FPS look quite rough.
The new PSP. Would have got one straight away if it was touch screen.
A new attachment enables us to watch TV on the PSP.
Press go wild when girls hold a PSP.
Rise of Lair looked good - flying dragon type action.
Uncharted - looks like a man-marooned-on-island type game.
Q: Whats the difference between Firefox and the PS3?
A: Nothing - they both keep asking you to update the current version.
Sony are *always* patching the current OS version. I never bother to use the online functions of the PS3 because they make you upgrade the OS before you can do anything online.
Little Big Planet looks like a lemmings type game where users have to work in teams to complete tasks.
Play Gran Turismo standing up with a booth girl watching you.
Warhawk - "get-in-a-tank-plane-or-other-vehicle-and-shoot" type of game.
Some booths displayed age restrictions for the demos. You need to be over 15 to play Warhark.
A girl at the Microsoft booth asked me for photo ID to prove that I was over 18! Danny: Do I look under 18 to you?
Girl at Microsoft: Yes
Danny: ....Why thank you
More TGS coverage up later. I didn't take any video footage because I was with Akihabara News and they have one of those bazooka video cameras - check out their most coolsome video footage of the show.