TGS2007 : Merchandise

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2007/09/23 18:28 JST in Misc
Now we take a look at some of the stuff that you can actually buy at the TGS - you may want to look out for some of these if you are going today.
First up is Rio stuff - this was at the AU mobile booth but you need to go to the merchandise hall to get hold of these.
OK, these ladies were not quite for sale. The lady on the far right is holding a bag of peanuts which she gave to me later. Have no idea why nurses were handing out peanuts.
Why don't real nurses dress like this? I suppose they exist to save lives instead of giving patients heart attacks.
Rio tapestry. Dont know who the girl is with the long hair.
Mousepad goodies.
Sticker goodies.
DOA goodies.
DOA Hitomi is gorgeous.
More DOA.
Even more DOA.
Leifang figure.
DOA tapestries.
Zero no Tsukaima and Nagasarete Airantou framed goodies.
DC coming to the PS2.
Guren and Xenoglossia framed goodies.
Towels to make your after-shower experience more interesting.
If you are a bloke and are too shy to wear a girls uniform then you can get a t-shirt with sailor fuku printed on it.
"Name those characters on the sheets."
Ikkitousen dakimakura.
More dakimakura.
Just had a thought. If you are hugging the pillow then all you can see is the face which also means that the rest of the ero ero cover that you cant see is a bit of a waste?
Anyone for a rubbing down with Siesta, Henrietta and Louise after a shower?
Enix girl not for sale.
Enix goodies.
"Name that figure."
Another FF figure but cant remember his name. Cloud? Chad?
More FF goodies. Sorry didn't manage to get any game coverage.
More Zero no Tsukaima dakimakura.
Interesting how you cant buy games at a game show but you can buy a ton of dakimakura.
Yoko-chan dakimakura anyone?
M, more da, dakimakura.
Interesting how you cant buy games at a games show but you can buy a ton of towels.
Heap of Dakimakura, towels and other figures - no games though.