POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2009/03/19 13:33 JST in Gadgets

Jalopnik has more pics of a roadworthy flyable car that recently made its first flight.
The Terrafugia will cost 194,000 USD and you can reserve yours now for only 10,000 USD.
The two-seat aircraft is able to fly 450 miles at over 115 MPH and is designed to transform from plane to car in less than 30 seconds.
Video of the car taking off below.

Transformation from car to plane below.

And the technical stuff below.

Would love to try this out. Cant see this happening in Japan anytime soon though - too many restrictions on where you can fly. Also hear you need to fill in a load of forms before each flight too. Was told that the flight restrictions in the US are more lenient - is that true?
Any lucky reader have their own plane at home?