Taneshima Popura Nendoroid

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2012/05/13 06:26 JST in Good Smile Company
My most fave character form the anime series Working! is Taneshima Popura. A small bundle of joy who is surprisingly big for her size. Some Popura-chan in action below.
Today we take a look at what Popura-chan has been up to since she joined us in the office after leaving Wagnaria.
Popura-chan makes us a bowl of ramen - tastes good!
Popura-chan tries her dab hand at making some Cinnamon Toast tasting Frosties for me with some of that GABAN cinnamon powder - tastes good too!
Popura-chan was released by Good Smile Company recently and if you would like her to be around you too then you can try one of the following trusted online retailers of hobby goods.
As you can see this is my fave face part.
Although this one is cute too ^^
Nendoroids and plants go well with each other.
Popura-chan looking for the Mirai mugs and realized that none have been made yet.
Popura-chan looking for some Mirai plates - none made yet ^^
The Nendoroid Puchi version is just as adorable.
Popura occasionally serves up a gorgeous Katsu - pork or minced beef deep fried in batter.
Out n about with Popura.
Seafood Salad by Popura!
Popura goes fishing to bring back a lovely catch of Sushi.
Some oppai on the side with sushi is always good.