Taipei Event Details

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2015/01/19 14:59 JST in Anime Events
I'm leaving for Taiwan this Friday for what I guess would be a Taipei Tour. We got 3 events that we need to do which are Kadokawa, CJ Night and Fancy Frontier - and to top it off we will also be meeting distributors of CJ merchandise, Smart Doll and also be filming an episode of "Japanese Pop Culture in Taiwan."
Kadokawa have started to open their schools around the world - Kadokawa Contents Academy. I will be teaching at their Taiwan school this Saturday and Sunday (Jan 24th+25th). For folks who are interested please check out this entry at Kadokawa.
Anybody can attend so if you are interested then fill out this form and turn up on the day. The address is:-
Kadokawa have decided that Mirai Suenaga is the girl to collaborate with - she is currently being used by Kadokawa in various illustration courses and here she is in the reception of their Taiwan school.
Kadokawa Contents Academy is a school for folks who want to learn or improve skills that are required to work in the anime business. If you are a superstar then you need not be worried about getting a job after the course because Kadokawa will hire you!
Just make sure you are not trolling others on the internet through your Facebook or Twitter account - even if you got the skills - a personality that sucks wont help getting a job.
In this lesson, folks are learning shading techniques using the outlined version of this illustration of Mirai by DMYO-sensei.
Then next Monday 26th we have Culture Japan Night located at the following Mr Brown.
Mr. Brown台北市中山區中山北路二段74號 中山一店 3F
Booked under the name of 末永未來. 4 - 8PM (Come and leave anytime)
Its $200 entry per person (this helps us cover the cost of renting the 3 floor) and you can drink as much tea and coffee as you like which will keep you awake for a week.
There will also be simple snacks but only enough for 30 people.
We will also bring a small quantity of the CJ Night T-shirt which is only available at CJ Nights - this one features Chitose and costs $600.
The only agenda for CJ Night is the same agenda we have worldwide - to meet new folks - I would love to meet you and hope that you can meet others too.
You can bring your dolls along if you want regardless of whether its a Smart Doll, DD or Azone - all dolls are welcome.
Google Map here >
Then on Jan 31 - Feb 1st we will be attending Fancy Frontier for the first time. Fancy Frontier is a huge doujin & cosplay event which I've been wanting to attend for many years - I've posted about the event before and cant wait to check it out with my own eyes.
Anyway, we decided pretty late about joining the event which is why we are not in the event guide but the red square on this map is where we will be.
And here are the Culture Japan merchandise that we will have - posters, T-shirts and our Japanese learning product Moekana and Moekanji.
We will also be bringing Mirai & Kizuna Smart Doll - $17000 each. We sold out on the first morning of AFAID, AFA2014 and CF2014 and I guess that they will sell out on the first day too so if you really want one then come early ><
We won't be bringing any apparel or accessories this time but will take your email at the time of purchase so you can buy on our online store.
We accept cash or cash because our crappy paypal here cartd reader only works in Japan.
Anyway, its been 3 years since my last visit and am really looking forward to this trip. Here are a handful of photos that I took last time - this one at a night market that sells really good food!
This photo taken at Jiufen.
A Taiwanese Dagashi-ya looks very similar to the ones in Japan.
This area would be similar to Shibuya.
I forgot to pickup a Kingkon Warrior (Super Bright Brother Blade Master) - I hope they still have them.
Looking forward to catching up with comrades again!
Update - reached Taipei!