Super Sonico Museum

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2012/10/28 20:16 JST in Japanese Pop Culture

When I saw the first photo in this post over at, judging from the name of that post, I actually thought that Nitroplus went and made a Super Sonico Museum ^^;

This room belongs to ULd-san from Japan who is also a figure sculptor too - you can check out his work at the end of this post.

My office is turning into a Mirai Suenaga museum - how about your room? Is it dedicated mostly to a particular character, anime, game or genre? Do share photos of your room!

And this is the figure that ULd-san is currently sculpting.

One of his previous works.

And for folks who are beknowist - Mirai and Sonico are good friends! Mirai appears in the Nitroplus game Sonicomi - I'm in it too!

Sonico appears on my TV show Culture Japan.

Sonico sometimes sneaks infront of the camera without me knowing!

She did it from time to time ^^;

Sonico logo in Culture Japan season 2 ^^;

And the poster that Nitroplus printed to promote Sonicomi.