Stormtrooper Armor

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2009/02/01 05:55 JST in Tokyo Stormtrooper

A short video that my wife n I threw together to show how I put on Stormtrooper armor. For those who cant see the vid, get along to to watch it.

Just a quick note to say that any video you embed in member news is by default high quality. Lemme know if you have probs watching them.

And for those who have wondered how I got my armor - a flash back in time.
Got most of the parts on eBay. It was supposed to be a wearable kit but came as un-wearable as possible. I had to clean up the armor and make a load of mods.

The seller asked me what my height was, chest size and a whole load of measurements that made me think that we was making armor just for me - where in fact its just one standard size.
If only I knew about Shepperton Design Studios at the time - they are the maker of the original armor used in the Star Wars movies.

Modded the armor so that I could actually wear it without the edges cutting into my flesh and leaving me in hospital after each trooping session. I had to strike a balance of mobility and aesthetics - cut too much and then too much of the black tights show through - cut too less and you can hardly move without feeling something cutting into you ^^;

The front armor is one piece - I cut it so that I could go for a pee without having to take everything off - either that or become pee-smelling-trooper.

The armor has taken years to modify to a point where it needs hardly any mods anymore. I would mod something and it would fall off after a while - learning that cant be gained without actually going around with the new mods.

The belt that comes with the armor is two pieces of plastic that you have to *screw on* *each time* you want to wear it!
I got myself down to Tokyu Hands to make my own leather belt whcih has lasted the years so far.

The shoulder parts were stuck on using the velcro - about as useful as a slap to the face with a wet dogs wet bollocks.
Decided to make holes and secure with rivets - painted white after. Don't look good close up but cant really notice from far away - the most practical way I could think of to secure them so that they don't fall off while "dancing."

I notice quite a few readers with Stormtrooper armor - bits of your armor fall off before to leave you in embarrassing situation?

The bottom of the leg pieces have to be cut too otherwise before you know it you will have a trail of blood pouring from the ankles.

The armor looked decent but the first AFX helmet looks quite bad so splashed out on a Shepperton helmet - needed a few mods first though.

Re-taping the frown.

Modded harder lens from Tokyu Hands.

Screwed on the mic pieces - originally just glued on.

A few snaps of the helmet.

Want to remove the blue gill stickers and paint em orange.

Don't think I published these pics before either. The bottom is a modified Kenner blaster. The top is a replica that I got from eBay.

The replica cost about 300 USD. Looks really nice but is a bit heavy - a few kilos.

I didnt imagine that it was going to be so heavy and even had to mod my armor to take the weight. These days I actually use the Kenner blaster more because its nice n light and I hardly take it out anyway as most of these days I'm just "dancing."

No moving parts - just a clump of heavyness.

A voice changer that I tried and failed at making. Didn't take any electronics classes unfortunately.

Pic taken by Yoshimu at a previous Wonfes.

Next step is to put some neon lighting under the chest plate.

The Sandtrooper shoulder thingy that I never use.