Spare Gunpla Parts

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2007/05/02 22:30 JST in Gundam

Taken last week in Akiba. A shop that sells bags of spare Gunpla parts! If only I knew about this shop sooner then I wouldn't have had to bother sending an order form off to Bandai asking for replacement parts by snail mail.

In the past I've broken the waist of my PG MK2, Face and fingers of my PG GP01 and some others which I forget.
Todays question is whether you have broken or lost bits of your models during assembly and what you end up doing about it. But before the polls, have a gander at the rest of the photos.

Cant remember if the name of the shop was "Parts Paradise" or whether it was just the name of the bag O parts. When you get out of Akihabara station, walk into the old building above the new Kotobukiya shop - its on the 4th floor.
If you are a Doujin person - its in the same building as Melon Books.

Different subject - Gunpla water decals - I need to go back to Asobit to get some. I like the way Bandai includes nasty stickers with the kit and make you pay about 500 yen more for decent ones.

More Shelf O Gundam shenanigans.

For those who love Gundam - you can say you are "Gundam Inochi" (ガンダム命(がんだむいのち))which means you devote your life to Gundam. You can stick "Inochi" on the end of a noun to say that you devote your life to X. So for example, "Moe Inochi" means that you lurve Moe.

Gundam Inochi!

Some tools for Gunpla modeling. Got myself a really nice Olfa knife.

A completed Freedom. I still need to make mine.

My booty for the day. Wing Gundam, cans of paint, some doujinshi and an illustration book by illustrator Happoubijin (八宝備仁) - he does a lot of ero stuff. Also received an MG archive with pics of all 99 MG Gundams - a small announcement inside says that they will announce the 100th MG at the Shizuoka Hobby Show (I plan on attending if I dont fall sick again ^^;)