Sonico and Mirai

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2010/12/26 17:40 JST in Mascot

Announced back in September that our mascot character Mirai-chan is to be in the up n coming Nitroplus game Sonicomi but it looks like Mirai-chan is to get a bigger role - also looks like she gets bigger eyes too ^^;

Pink text says "You can meet Sonico and Mirai" (in Sonicomi).
Docking phase complete!

And here are some renders of the 3D Max model - design supervision by the creator of Super Sonico Tsuji Santa-sensei.

The first we will see 3D Mirai in action is together with Sonico-chan in the new years special edition of Culture Japan.

The release date of Sonicomi has been delayed a bit but should be out sometime in early 2011. Trailer for the game below - was created before we decided that Mirai-chan should be in the game ^^;