Solomon Freeman

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2013/11/28 15:40 JST in Misc

I'd like to dedicate this post to a special friend of mine - Mr Solomon Freeman. For the past few years he has been helping us out as an Associate Producer for Culture Japan.

Associate Producers are typically not full time employees of Culture Japan due to their other job or schooling commitments but they provide important support in their region for our globalization roadmap.

Nostalgia! Mr Solomon cosplaying as me back in 2009 ^^;

Back then Solomon worked with local folks like Comic Fiesta and Little Akiba to create collaboration displays.

Solomon-roid at Comic Fiesta who coordinated production of our displays and screenings of Culture Japan TV.

Solomon has been producing Itasha in Malaysia for a few years now - this is his latest work which was on display at Comic Fiesta 2012.

Solomon was also on the team which rolled out Culture Japan Convention 2013.

I first met Solomon back in 2010 at the first CJ Night Malaysia. CJ Night (Culture Japan Night) is a great place to network - find new comrades and opportunities.
At the last CJ Night in Singapore - I shared an opportunity to become a blogger for Good Smile Company - the person who got the job will be flying to Japan at least once a year on an all expenses paid trip to visit the GSC offices.

Anyway, so why am I dedicating this post to Mr Solomon? After many years of helping out as an Associate Producer, Solomon is moving on to bigger and better things - he will be pursuing his own dreams in Japan as a continuous Serial Entrepreneur.

Many folks who regularly comment on this site will know of Solomon's participation in the community and may have met him at the various events he has attended with us around Asia.
Solomon is *the* man to get things done - ask him anything and he either gets it done or magically pulls it out of his Doraemon pocket ^^
I wish Solomon the best of luck and will miss his contribution to our team ><

This also means that we need a replacement Associate Producer in Malaysia - if you are interested then you need to show us your ninja skills somehow - if you truly are a ninja then you will understand how to demonstrate your abilities.

While Solomon prepares to come over to Tokyo, please direct all your queries back to me at support at mirai dot fm.

Even if you are not in Malaysia and are interested in helping out the Culture Japan brand in anyway then I'm all ears in hearing what you have in mind.

Folks who I'm looking for now are robotics engineers (for Smart Doll), Ruby on Rails devs, Android devs and folks who can help out at events in the Philippines and Vietnam which are the next territories that we want to visit in 2014.