SMASH! Sydney

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2015/07/20 12:53 JST in Anime Events

I'm off the week after next to attend Australia's largest anime and Japanese Pop Culture Event - SMASH! which will be held at Rosehill Gardens in Sydney on the 8 - 9th of August - ticketing info here.

It's my first time visiting Australia and I'm very much looking forward to meeting our comrades over there.

This years SMASH! guests include violin virtuoso Hiroaki Yura, cosplayer KANAME and REIKA, Japanese band LOVERIN TAMBURIN, voice actor Noriaki Sugiyama, and as part of the AFA's I Love Anisong X SMASH! collaboration, GARNiDELiA, DJ Hello Kitty, kz (livetune) and yanaginagi will be performing too.

I will be MC'ing some of the stage slots but like AX2015, I may be perched on a stool - it's not because I'm trying to be boss but because of my latest bout of hernia - still hurts ><

Apart from the guests, they have a load of events too which include screenings, Gunpla contests, panels and workshops, BJD gatherings, card gaming, maid cafe, cosplay and more. They also hold the World Cosplay Summit preliminary selections for Australia.
If you are into Love Live then they got you sorted too.

My panel times are as follows.

Smart Doll Production - how you can make your own BJD

I can introduce you to my vendors in Japan to get you up and running.
Saturday 8th August - 2:30pm to 3:30pm at the Art Stage

How to startup your own business in the Japanese Pop Culture field

Things you should know about starting up in Japan
Sunday 9th August - 1:00pm to 2:00pm - Panels Room

I'm pleased to announce that Mirai, Kizuna and Chitose are on the front of the SMASH! program guide together with the SMASH! mascots Cyrus and Skadi - illustrated by Culture Japan illustrator Ikkyuu-sensei.

Culture Japan will have a small booth with a limited amount of Mirai Suenaga and Kizuna Yumeno Smart Doll for sale too priced at 735 AUD. Eiji, Ebony and Ivory will also be on display.

And here are the T-shirts that we will have on sale at our booth.

Our new set of posters with illustrations by DMYO, Koizumi Amane, Iizuki Tasuku and Ikkyuu.

If you are learning Japanese then you will be wanting some of these flash cards.

Kinokuniya Sydney will also be at the Culture Japan booth taking registrations for their first ever Mirai Suenaga Kinokuniya Members Card ^o^

The Mirai Kinokuniya Members Card will be available at the store but folks attending SMASH! can get it first.
1 year membership - $15
2 year membership - $25
Renewal - $10
Replacement - $10

Kinokuniya need your current card back if you are renewing or replacing it. Folks who own the card gets 10% off full-priced books and selected items every time they shop at Kinokuniya - more details here.

And here is the current collection of Mirai Kinokuniya Member Cards from Malaysia, Singapore and now Australia. My bothan spies tell me that another country will launch in September ^^

Anyway that it for now - I look forward to meeting you and as always - on the look out for talent at the same time.