Smart Support Socket

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2013/01/01 22:30 JST in Smart Doll

Smart Support Socket

Up until now, doll owners have been faced with either crotch saddle or C waist shaped stands which go around the waist or shin - both completely spoil the look of the doll and the owners photos - it did not have to be this way.
Smart Dolls are designed to stand on their own two feet but there are situations where you may need extra stability - like when you are taking them out n about or displaying them at an event near humans who could bump into them.
I designed Smart Doll with a "Smart Support Socket" located at the back of the waist which allows the attachment of either the Telescopic Stand (included) or Air Stand (sold separately).
The Smart Support Socket is also a means for me to support fixtures for future products like the up n coming bicycles or skateboards and even robotic functionality.
The Smart Support Socket is positioned in such a way that it does not interfere with any of the apparel items that we make. When not in use, it can be discreetly covered up with their top.
Our stands have a "tail" attached which is inserted into the Smart Support Socket.

Telescopic Stand

The Telescopic Stand is lightweight and consists of the "tail" and the "telescopic stand" - the telescopic part is held in place by Blu-tac so you can replace it with either a shorter one which you could find at a 100 yen shop - or you could make your own Air Stand.
The Telescopic Stand ships with all Smart Dolls.
This is the Telescopic Stand in use - Smart Dolls feet should be slightly tipped forward to make the Smart Doll lean ever so slightly on the stand to create 3 points of stability.
When you want to contract the stand, do so *slowly* as pushing it back in too fast could bend it.
This is what it looks like from the front - I positioned the camera in a way so that you can just about see the stand but if I moved my camera to the left a wee bit more then the leg will completely hide the stand.
You can position Smart Doll outdoors in slightly windy conditions or even on a sloped surface - then you can step a few meters back to take your photo and not have to worry about Smart Doll falling over.

Smart Air Stand - smart in many ways

The Smart Air Stand allows Smart Doll to be displayed in mid air poses without a painful looking saddle stand or a waist strangulating "C waist" stand.
The Cross Base can be removed for portability and the whole set weighs only 172gms.
The cross base shape is actually inspired by Mirai's cross hair clip.
This is the Smart Air Stand in action - as you can see, Mirai is completely elevated meaning that there are no restrictions on the posing of her legs.
The stand is 35cm tall and can extend to about 60cm tall.
As the base is light - the stand may rock slightly depending on the pose you are doing - for example when Smart Doll is doing a Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku from Street Fighter where the weight is distributed away from the center.
Mirai in a more casual pose.
Two feet on the surface together with the Smart Air Stand provides the ultimate in stability and will withstand many earthquakes too.
Smart Doll is the only doll in the same class that can be posed like this - the knob on the stand helps support items like a skateboard or surfboard.
The Smart Air Stand is even smart enough to have the same thread size as camera and video tripods. This means that...
You can display Smart Doll in an open space to get human height photos.
The Smart Air Stand comes with 4 rubber pads which you can put on the ends of the Cross Base for extra stability - you can leave them off if you want too.
Mirai looks happy with the portability and design of the Smart Air Stand ^^