Smart Doll USB Hub

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2016/06/05 23:17 JST in Smart Doll
OK, so you don't have the need to turn your Smart Doll into a mobile battery nor a Miraicon computer cos you already got one - so how about a USB hub then?
The Smart Doll torso was designed to hold a variety of gadgets and hide away wires but there are some folks out there who prefer their cute girls (and guys) with wires sticking out of them - introducing the product that covers this demographic - Smart Doll USB Hub!
Smart Doll USB Hub was originally going to be a BTO (Build To Order) product but I didn't expect there to be a flood of orders which our production line cant handle efficiently. For this reason, I have decided to sell the USB Hub torso separately.
The Smart Doll girls have two USB 2.0 sockets - the reason why I didn't make them USB 3.0 is because they required an additional wire to power the device. Also do note that this product is supposed to be attached to a computer.
And this is the USB Hub Torso for Girls which is available in Milk, Tea and Cocoa colors.
For folks who face first world problems like the USB sockets being on the backside of an iMac, you can now easily gain access to USB ports via Smart Doll USB Hub.
Mirai-chan in the middle of helping me copy files to a USB memory stick and charging my iPhone.
And this is what your setup may look like with a Smart Doll USB Hub.
While USB 2.0 is not lightning fast, its good enough to power your Android or iPhone.
You can use Smart Doll USB Hub to attach external video cameras...
...and also hard drives too.
The cutest looking USB hub I've personally seen ^^
You can also re:hub or attach another Smart Doll USB Hub to make Smart Doll Ception.
You can also be one of those otaku on Amazon Japan who like to plug in these devices to show the power throughput too.
When not in use you can cover up the ports - or pull down the T-shirt ^^
With Smart Doll Hub you can indulge in some yuri-yuri shenanigans.
We also have a Smart Doll USB Hub for the guys too but cos their torso is longer, they get 3 ports.
Eiji charging my iPhone and copying files.
And just like the Smart Doll girls...
you can also indulge in some BL USB shenanigans.
And this is the USB Hub Torso for Guys which is available in Milk, Tea and Cocoa colors.
If you already have a Smart Doll then you can either order the USB Hub Torso or do it yourself - its simple (kinda).
First off you need to find a USB hub that fits inside the torso - USB 2.0 hubs are usually smaller than USB 3.0 hubs. Then you need to cut slots for the USB ports like so. Its best to use a hairdryer to heat the shell before cutting.
The hub I chose was the ELECOM U2H-TZ410BBK. I only used two ports because the torso curves inwards at the top which means that I cant have all 3 ports flush with the surface.
If you are ordering this option, do note that you cant change the hub to another brand or type - also make sure to check the specs of the hub too.
The USB hub is held in place with some sponge so you can remove the hub at anytime.
Replace the bust part and done!
The cable from the hub should drape down the back of the torso like so.
And thats it! The Smart Doll USB is available from today.
And with the guys you get an extra port ^^
And if you got more than 1 Smart Doll you can have them do a Gattai USB Daisy Chain.
OK so you read till the end of the post and decided that you didn't like the wires sticking out the chest - go for the mobile battery or Miraicon computer instead ^^