Smart Doll Hacks

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 0006/06/18 15:20 JST in Smart Doll

As you have already read before purchasing a Smart Doll, you know that each and every one is hand made and because of this, there are no two Smart Dolls that are ever the same. The shapes of the shell mold, surface, wig, makeup and joint torque will all differ slightly.

This post will be updated often to help folks who prefer to customize their Smart Doll and will also include maintenance tips.

Before you read this you should read the Welcome Guide.

Joint Torque

Some folks prefer their joints tight - some prefer them loose - unfortunately we cant make custom dolls with varying torque. Smart Doll joints are also not designed to last a millennium and may wear down just like parts of a car.

Fortunately, you can change the torque (stiffness of joint) yourself with these easy peasy steps. First off - remove joint by pulling out like so.

In the case of the wrist pull out like so.

If you want to make a joint stiffer, spray a load (loads and loads) of Break Cleaner on the joint and leave to dry for an hour or so - done! No damage will be caused to the joint. What the Break Cleaner does is remove some of the grease from inside the joint.
If buying from Amazon then use the following links.
Does not have to be the above brand - just something similar that does the same job.

If you want the foot peg to be stiff then Brake Cleaner wont work on it - first you need to sand down the peg with rough sandpaper (P240+ recommended). This will roughen the surface so that you can...

...apply super glue to the peg - brush on all over and leave to dry. When dry, you may need to sand down again if its too tight to fit back in the ankle joint.

Same goes for the wrist joint if you want them tighter.

Apply super glue and leave to dry before inserting back into the lower arm.


All our apparel items have stain warnings if there is a chance that they will leave stains - like the Jeans.
If you do encounter staining, get hold of some paint thinner and rub against the area gently.

If thinner cant remove all or you don't have any lying around, try some 3M ultrafine softback sanding sponge and sand down the surface like so - don't put too much pressure!

Then use the 3M Microfine softback sanding sponge to smoothen out the surface. If you rubbed too much and the surface becomes shiny then use the ultrafine again to roughen it up.
We sell the sponge but not the thinner.

Shiny Surface

As you handle your Smart Doll, oil and grub from your hands may transfer to the skin of the doll making the surface shiny. To fix this all you need to do is gently rub some Magic Eraser over the surface. Done!

Button Marks

Jeans and other apparel bottoms that haver a button can leave a mark on the skin surface. If you leave the item on for too long however...

...then the metal button may leave blue marks like this. If this does happen then the following remedy will remove most of it.

First get hold of the thinner mentioned above to wipe the surface - this will remove most of the blue.

Then use some of the fine sandpaper mentioned above to rub against the surface.

Use a hairdryer to get rid of the decompressed button mark.

While you can still see a faint mark - most of it is removed.