Smart Doll Design

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2015/07/01 10:24 JST in Smart Doll

A Fashion Doll Designed For The World

Smart Doll is available in various skin tones in both male and female form. The look of Smart Doll is distinct with its main characteristic being its long legs. The scale is roughly 1/3 at 60cm tall and weighs roughly 800 grammes.

A balance between looking good and posing good

One of the most challenging things about designing a doll is to decide on a balance between looks and pose-ability - too pose-able and the body starts to look like it had a night out with Freddy on Elm Street.
The design of Smart Doll was done using software such as ZBrush and then printed out on a 3D printer. After the parts were printed, I discovered that the looks of the body hindered the articulation so from there I slowly modified the design of the body to create a balance between looking good and being articulate.
The result is a balance between aesthetics and pose-ability which makes Smart Doll the choice for the fashion industry.

Now with more cup size than Starbucks

By default, all female Smart Dolls come with an S sized bust which do not have headlights and are perfect for T-shirts.
Just like how some folks prefer their Cafe Mocha in Small, Tall, Grande or Venti, we also do various bust sizes (with and without headlights) ranging from XS to XL.
The busts can be changed simply by pulling the arms and head off and then replacing the busts.

Smart Support Socket

Smart Dolls are designed to stand on their own two feet but there are situations where you may need extra stability - like when you are taking them out n about or displaying them at an event near humans who could bump into them.
I designed Smart Doll with a "Smart Support Socket" located at the back of the waist which allows the attachment of either the Telescopic Stand (included with Smart Doll) or Air Stand (sold separately) for dynamic mid air poses.

Telescopic Stand

This is the Telescopic Stand in action which creates 3 points of support. No need to plug it in all the way - just swing it left or right so that it hides behind the leg depending on the angle you are taking photos from.

Air Stand

This is the Air Stand which enables more dynamic mid air poses of Smart Doll - great for display at home, galleries, shop windows or exhibitions.

Paper, Scissors, Stone And More

A variety of hand gestures (sold seperatey) are available to increase the variety of poses for Smart Doll.

Even smarter with extensibility

Smart Doll already looks smart but if you want the functionality too then look no further - the torso was designed to hold a variety of gadgets. Insert a Stick PC or Android to instantly turn Smart Doll into a desktop PC or a mobile battery to have the smartest and cutest looking charging station for your mobile phone.

Mirai Frame

The dynamic posing abilities of Smart Doll is made possible thanks to a combination of the outer shell body sculpt and the design features of the internal frame known as "Mirai Frame."
Mirai Frame is made from POM (Polyoxymethylene) which is recognised for its high strength, hardness and rigidity.
While the frame is hidden away beneath the outer shell, I designed Mirai Frame to look good as a stand alone model too employing the least amount of screws as possible by employing a snap fit design. The injection mold for Mirai Frame is crafted in Yamagata and designed together with Industrial Designer Noriaki Miyata.