Smart Doll Crash Test Dummies

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2015/06/27 00:10 JST in Smart Doll

I just thought I'd show you the Smart Doll Crash Test Dummy version which we use to test our products strength - next up will be the impact videos in slow motion ^^

The Female Smart Doll body is due for release late July at the Culture Japan Store.

The Male Smart Doll body will also be released as a stand alone product but after Eiji is released. Folks can get hold of the current Male Smart Doll body before it's released in the Developer Program. I was supposed to announce it last week but nature called ><

Eiji will have a bust with headlights but sold separately just like Mirai. Its difficult to go after the mass market with headlights flashing in one's eyes ^^
I'm redoing Eiji's thighs right now to give them more meat.

And here are the Crash Test Dummies in our new shop which I have been setting up - official open will be after I get back from AX in mid July. I've been enduring the pain in my leg so that I can be mobile and generate a more healthy flow of blood through my spine ToT