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Smart Doll - the fashion doll for the outdoors

Other makers of dolls in the same class make something known as "Anime Doll" - a doll which has a design based off an anime license. They usually come with a costume which is true to the original anime design but not incredibly practical for everyday use - for this reason the default costume would more often than not be auctioned off on Yahoo.
Smart Doll is designed to be taken outdoors and for this reason they come with a full set of practical casual apparel - ready to be taken out n about.
Folks who pre-order Smart Doll will be given a link to our online store which also has these apparel items so that they can purchase at the same time if they want.

Smart Doll 001 - Mirai Suenaga default apparel

By default, Mirai Suenaga comes with a brown beanie, magnetic hairclip, T-shirt, underwear, washed jeans, 1 pair of socks, 1 pair of shoes and a telescopic stand.
What you see in our photos are of the actual product and not touched up prototypes.

Smart Doll 002 - Kizuna Yumeno default apparel

By default, Kizuna Yumeno comes with a T-shirt, underwear, washed jeans, 1 pair of socks, 1 pair of shoes and a telescopic stand.

Smart Doll Apparel - good enough for humans to wear (if you was 60cm tall)

I take my Smart Dolls out n about with me a lot so I naturally want them to not only look good but feel comfy at the same time. For this reason, the Smart Doll apparel line is mostly casual wear. Prices are all up on the Culture Japan Store which at this moment in time is made available only to Smart Doll customers.

Hippie Look

This look consists of a long sleeve hippie style top and gray beanie.
The top is loose fitting and comfortable to wear - great for when Mirai or Kizuna feel like relaxing for the day. Fits S, M or L busts.
Both top and beanie are sold separately and are available now.

Casual Cargo

The Casual Cargo look consists of a Frill T-shirt and beige Cargo Pants. The Cargo Pants have been pre-washed to give them a weathered look. All the pockets are fully functional so that you can hide pocket money from your spouse - although it would just be coins.
T-shirts looks great but look even better when they have cute frills on them! The design of the print is reminiscent of Japanese retro heroes - while at the same time does a better job of letting passers by know what the cute doll you are carrying on your shoulder is. These look great with the Cargo Pantsu or the default jeans that come with Smart Doll.
The Cargo Pants and Frill T-shirt are sold separately and available now.

Hijab and Turtleneck set

This 4 piece set includes hijab, head cap, hijab clip and turtleneck.
The red hijab comes with a beige turtleneck and was designed for Mirai. The dark brown hijab comes with a brown turtleneck and was designed for Kizuna but its up to you to choose!
The hijab is designed in a way so that it makes it easier to wrap and is secured with the included clip. You should remove the wig and put on the headcap before wrapping the hijab. The included head cap does not look good alone and is to be worn with the hijab.
You can put the turtleneck over medium and large bust sizes but the headlights show through - if you do decide to use the turtleneck over larger sized busts, please do not use the hijab at the same time in public areas as the hijab won't cover the form of the chest.
The Hijab and Turtleneck set is available now.

Mirai Millennium Summer Uniform

This is the Summer Uniform that Mirai and Kizuna wear in the story Mirai Millennium. The Summer Uniform only fits S Bust and comes with blouse, vest, skirt, pants, loose socks and blue ribbon. Shoes are not included - please use the loafers that are included with Smart Doll.
The Summer Uniform is available now.

Canvas Shoes

Made specially for Smart Doll - comes in Red and Beige. Available now.

Tora Kigurumi

The Tora Kigurumi is currently only available on a made-to-order basis from

Third Party Wear

A wide range of doll wear is currently available by many third party makers. The dress that Kizuna is wearing here is by Iple House for their YID - Girl series which is roughly the same size as Smart Doll. Here Kizuna is fitted out with a Large Bust. You can also try out some of the following doll wear makers below and seek stuff that would fit a 60cm tall doll.
Please be aware that Smart Doll has large hips, long legs - even our S bust has a wide circumference.
  • DOLK
  • Cotin Doll
  • Dollheart
  • TTYA
  • Nine9 Style
  • Leeke World
  • Iple House
For custom made items you can contact one of the Smart Doll Official Tailors - remember to tell them what bust size you have and they will design something to fit your Mirai.
  • Puppy Dolls
Here is the new packaging for our some of our apparel that we will start using from April 2015.
Some boots which I'm working on with my dad - this is the final product but I'll release them in light beige first - they should be ready in May 2015.
And here is the packaging.
And here is the new package design for the wigs.

Smart Doll Blueprint

The design of this blueprint is a bit dated now but there is no change to the dimensions which you can use a reference when looking for doll wear by other makers.