Smart Doll 005 Eiji Seiun

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Introducing Smart Doll 005 - Eiji Seiun. Eiji is a soft vinyl 1/3 scale (approx 64cm tall) fashion doll designed by myself Danny Choo.
Eiji is developed and manufactured in Japan on our very own Smart Doll production line together with 001 Mirai Suenaga and 002 Kizuna Yumeno.

If you are not familiar with the Smart Doll brand then check out the Smart Doll website for more info.

Today I'm going to give you a status update on progress so far.

Just like our female line of Smart Dolls, Eiji has the Smart Support socket which allows attachment of the telescopic stand and Air Stand.

A Hoso Macho (slender macho) sculpt was suitable for Eiji as his design is influenced by Japanese anime and manga culture.

When I was first designing Eiji however, the sculpt turned out to be a Muki Muki Macho (Arnold Schwarzenegger) look ^^
The 3D work for this does not go to waste however and I plan on using it for the Hollywood Hero licenses that we plan to do.

For Eiji's sculpt, I called upon the aid of 3D guru Digitrevx.

While Smart Doll can stand on its own two feet - extra stability with the telescopic stand comes in handy.

The Air Stand allows dynamic poses like this which up until now has not been possible with previous BJD dolls.

A comparison between our Female and Male line of Smart Doll.

I will be including hand parts for Eiji that gives the hand a more natural look when rested on a shoulder of another Smart Doll.

If you got a female Smart Doll then you can do couple shots like this...

...but if Eiji is going to be ronery then I got you sorted - I'm also preparing fist hand parts. This freshly printed on our ATOM 3D printer.

3D rapid prototyping enabled us to not only print the sculpt for Eiji but also parts which help us to develop apparel too like this Shoe Last.

After 3D printing, the sculpt is cloned in wax and then electromolded to make the soft vinyl molds. All this is done in Tokyo by the same folks who made molds for Licca-chan many moons ago.

There is still a load to do before Eiji is released later this year but now that we have a full production line in place things should move speedily along. We are now working on the casual apparel and school uniform. Many (not all) apparel for BJDs of roughly 64cm should fit Eiji.

Looks like Atom is enjoying the sight.

Many ladies requested a perky botty so here you go.

And if you buy two of Eiji then you can do the BL thing.

The cargo pants that we made for the girls looks great on Eiji too!

We use the same internal frame that we use for the girls - the Mirai Frame. Mirai Frame is also designed and manufactured in Japan - specifically in the Yamagata prefecture. There are slight changes made to accommodate Eiji's height though.

Eiji's legs are about the same as the girls but he has a taller chest.

For folks who fancy their Eiji as a crossplayer can dress him up in our apparel line for the girls.

The briefs design is just a prototype right now but will be designed so that the girls can wear it too.

No plans to take pre-orders until I have the final product market ready. The soft vinyl you see here however is final.

The Smart Support socket is not just for stands but also for the line of vehicles that we are also in the middle of producing like roadbikes etc.

While I did mention that I don't plan on making anime or game licensed Smart Dolls for the female line - the male version will have a ton. I personally want to make Yagami Light (Death Note) and Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid) and will apply for the licenses when the timing is right.

What Smart Doll anime or game licenses do you want me to make?

I made sure to get the love handles in there as I heard they were a must.

While the soft vinyl you see here is the final cast, the thickness has to be adjusted to fit the frame - the vinyl in the photo is a bit on the thin side.

I don't like my man nipples poking out through my T-shirt which is why I made Eiji Nippless. How important are male bee stings to you?

Eiji-kun comes with a fair sized bulge but not big enough to make him look happy all the time as he would get tired.

The most challenging part of making Eiji was that I have no interest in the male body what so ever - this made it difficult to decide what look smexy and what didn't.

The female Smart Doll body however was dead easy as I kinda like the female form ^^

If you are after the Smart Doll girls - they are available now.

I'm kinda pleased with the way Eiji's sculpt turned out and am excited about the new licensed projects that we will work on.

And for those of you who are new here and not too familiar - this is our Mirai Millennium character Eiji Seiun. The head sculpt is not completely final yet. Its the most important part and I want to make sure he looks good before I release him. I will publish final photos and open pre-orders first at the MiraiRobotics Twitter account.

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Was not happy with the torso so am making tweaks for the smart support socket, botty and pack lunch.