Smart Charge Mirai

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2016/05/13 20:15 JST in Smart Doll
Up until today, when folks asked me "well what does it do?" when referring to Smart Doll, I would answer "well she can look cute 24 hours, 7 days a week non-stop."
Now when folks ask me, I answer "they can charge my MacBook and store 2TB of data *and* look cute 24 hours, 7 days a week non-stop."
Introducing Smart Charge Mirai available now.
My new MacBook being charged by my Mirai with a function I call Smart Charge Mirai. I owe you a review of my MacBook and how I deal with having just one port - I love it! Its all part of a life process I'm going through called "unstuffocation."
Anyway, this photo was taken the other day with Higashi-san from Cheero and Horie-san from Happy Printers.
Cheero makes a ton of mobile batteries (including licensed ones like Danboard while Happy Printers are the folks who help Cheero with a load of printing.
All 3 of us decided to get together to come up with a branded battery just for Smart Doll. One side has a Moekana illustration of Mirai-chan.
And the other side has some simple text with the name of the product - Smart Charge Mirai.
To install the Smart Charge Mirai unit - all you have to do is remove the arms, head and bust and then slot the unit in the torso - no modifications needed whatsoever. If you live in a cold climate and the entrance to the torso feels too small - all you need to do is to heat it slightly with a hairdryer.
The wires are up to you - you can use retractable ones, mini or micro usb or lightning, usb-c etc. Then replace the bust part, arms and head and you are good to go. Articulation is not affected at all.
The battery needs turning on even after plugging it into a device but luckily Smart Doll boobies are very soft so all you have to do is press here.
You can charge your Smart Charge Mirai like so without having to remove everything.
The battery is exactly the same as the cheero Power Plus 3 mini 6700mAh with our branding.
Before I used to carry around a mobile battery but seeing as I carry around my Mirai anyway, it made sense to have the battery in the body instead of finding somewhere else to put it.
Clear Mirai gives you a better understanding of what the battery looks like inside.
This is where Mirai proves to be useful in daily life - charge my phone. The long cable when not in use can also be rolled up and placed in the satchel bag around Mirai's shoulder.
If your doll cant do something simple like charge a phone then its probably not a Smart Doll ^^
Smart Charge Mirai also works with our Smart Doll guys too - but you need to lift up the bust a bit to press the button cos his boobs are flat.
But Eiji is special cos he's got a bigger torso meaning that the Samsung T3 2TB SSD can fit in.
Like so.
Now Smart Doll can store your data too.
I'm currently looking for a SSD that fits inside the girls body and am researching low hanging fruit ways to make a portable wireless SSD.
Another special thing about Smart Doll is that... can hide snacks away from wifey.
Smart Doll is the only soft vinyl 1/3 scale doll on the market that enables you to do this - if you are thinking of upgrading your dolls body then you can get them on our online store and at Mirai Store Tokyo.
I nearly forgot to mention that if you have no need for a Smart Charge Mirai, you can always turn your Smart Doll into a computer with Miraicon or a USB Hub.